12 Unusual Chinese New Year Goodies To Feast On This Festive Occasion

‘Tis the season to stuff yourself silly

‘Fess up – you’re actually secretly looking forward to Chinese New Year because the thought of all those goodies are making you drool already, never mind the calories.

Here’s the good news – we’re only two weeks away from the festive occasion, and if you haven’t filled up your snacks tray, here’s a list of 12 unusual CNY goodies you should get to entice more relatives to visit your house so you can get more ang pows.

(If you’re less adventurous, this list of 18 best Chinese New Year snacks ranked in order might be helpful.)

1. Ingot-Shaped Pineapple Tarts

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.27.16 amSource

What better way to huat than having pineapple tarts in the shape of an ingot?

Your pineapple tarts will surely beat those ubiquitous golden pillow or open top pineapple tarts, hands down.

Moreover, these yummy yuan baos have been voted one of the Top 3 Yummiest Pineapple Tarts in 2015 by The Sunday Times. Mmm… can we have one now already?

Price: $29.80 for 21 pieces

Where to get this: Bakerzin outlets islandwide, or via their website.

2. Bak Kwa Tau Sar Piah

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.58.03 amSource

What’s CNY without bak kwa?

Take your love for the jerky up a notch with the bak kwa tau sar piah – a CNY exclusive.

One bite into the pastry would reveal a mung bean filling and savory-sweet bak kwa nuggets, nestled within fragrant flaky pastry.

Price: $1.80 per piece
Where to get this:
Thye Moh Chan outlets here

3. Bak Kwa Cornflake Cookies


Feast on your favourite bak kwa while feeling slightly less guilty – anything with cornflakes is healthier right?

Sink your teeth into a mixture of textures, and be delighted by the extra crunch thanks to the cornflakes.

Price: $42 per jar
Where to get it: Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel; order it online.

4. Yam Paste Nian Gao Tarts


Nian gao is a customary CNY treat, and there’s no better way to consume this sweet delight than in a bite-sized confection. Delicate pastry shells with a buttery crust are filled with chewy nian gao and yam paste, and oven-baked to perfection.

Price: $28 for a box of 8

Where to get it: The Fullerton Hotel, or online.

5. Salted Egg Snacks

Because salted egg everything! #simisaialsosaltedegg

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Salted egg fiends, rejoice!

The gods of all things salted egg have heard your prayers – besides possibly having salted egg prawns and squids for reunion dinner, you can take your obsession with salted egg one step further with these salted egg snacks.

Choose from salted egg potato chips, tapioca, and fish skin.


Now the hardest part would be trying to resist the temptation of finishing them up before CNY.

Price: $14 + $2 (thanks to CNY inflation) per bottle

Where to get: Raffles Xchange basement 1 or Rivervale Mall Level 1; the fair would be available from now until about 3 days before CNY, from 11am to 7.30pm.

Alternatively, you can make enquiries through their Facebook page.

6. Durian ‘Nian Gao’ Roll


Mandarin oranges might be the auspicious fruit to ring in the new year, but who can say no to the perennial favourite – the durian. Incorporating a unique twist on the traditional nian gao, fresh D24 durian paste is layered between the gula melaka-infused nian gao to form a golden roll — what an ingenious idea.

Just be careful not to overload on this, or you’ll feel too “heaty” even before you start feasting on pineapple tarts.

Price: $28++ for two rolls (takeaway), $18++ for six slices (dine-in)

Where to get this: Goodwood Park Hotel, The Deli, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221; Tel: 6730 1786

7. Durian Tarts


Yes, you read that right – durian tarts are officially a thing now. Besides, why stick to just pineapple tarts when you can have durian tarts too?

If durian ‘nian gao’ is a tad too gooey for your liking, this one might be for you. With an upsized version of their durian tarts, this pastry comes with more durian filling than before.

Price: $25 (or $18.80 with early bird discount!)

Where to get this: Emicakes outlets, or via online.

8. Not-So-Traditional Pineapple Tarts


Go crazy with pineapple tarts this year – it’ll be hard not to with the variety of flavours the traditional pineapple tarts now come in.

Take your pick from the traditional open top pineapple tarts, or the novel pineapple mango tarts, pineapple chocolate, pineapple parmesan cheese tarts, and even jackfruit tarts.

Price: $15 (or $11.80 for early birds)

Where to get this: Emicakes outlets, or via online.

9. Green Pea Cookie

Indulge in some CNY happeaness with SeSaPea (sesame green pea cookie) and Peater (original green pea cookie).

With a recipea originated from Singapore, the cookies are handcrafted in the San Francisco Bay Area with merely five simple ingredients — real roasted green peas, organic powdered sugar, salt, organic sunflower oil, and organic flour.

Maybe this is the answer to your guilt-free snacking this festive season.

Price: 1 box of 36 Peater cookies at $14; 1 SeSaPea and 1 Peater at $28 (save $1)

Where to get this: Only available online at http://www.greenpeacookie.com.sg/

10. Cookie Mania


Home’s Favourite might be a brand synonymous with durian mooncake, but their CNY cookies are equally as good.

You’ll be spoilt for choice by all the unorthodox flavours they are offering, such as the laksa cookies, hae bee hiam cookies, golden chicken bak kwa cookies and more.

Price: Varies for different types of cookies

Where to get this: Home’s Favourite’s promotion outlets, or via their website.

11. CNY-Themed Macarons


Okay, so this one might be a French confection, but there’s no hard-and-fast rule that you can’t have this for the lunar new year. Make your snacks tray stand out with this refreshing combination of east meets west. Besides, who could resist the good ol’ macaron?

Price: Prices differ

Where to get this: Visit their website at http://www.lesucre-macaron.com/

12. Pork Floss Meringue

Pork Floss MeringueSource

Think light fluffy meringue skillfully entwined with pork floss — this decadent sweet and savoury combination is a testament to the perfect marriage of French pastry and Chinese tradition.

Price: $10
Where to get this:
Antoinette stores, or online.



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