LTA Extends VEP Validity For M’sian Vehicles To 30 Sep, Motorists Need Not Apply

VEP Validity For M’sia-Registered Vehicles Extended Till 30 Sep

Malaysia-registered cars and motorcycles with Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) validity ending 30 Jun will now have it automatically extended till 30 Sep.

This was announced by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in a media release on Thursday (11 Jun).


The extension comes as Malaysia enters its Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), which lasts till 31 Aug.

Motorists will not have to apply for the extension, but are reminded to update their Malaysia road tax and vehicle insurance dates using LTA’s VEP Digital service while they remain in Singapore.

They can calculate the sum payable with LTA’s online calculator here.

Certain VEP fees still apply

Earlier, LTA waived VEP fees from 18 Mar-14 Apr, and extended the validity period till the end of June.

However, fees incurred before 18 Mar and after 14 Apr will still need to be paid.

LTA reminds motorists to top up their Autopass Card before paying the applicable fees when they leave Singapore.

Those who do not want to accumulate the fees and are unable to drive out of Singapore might want to consider services which tow their vehicles back to Malaysia.

M’sian-Registered Motorcycles Stuck In S’pore Can Get Towed Back To JB From $100


Motorists should send vehicles back to M’sia

For Malaysia-registered vehicles, LTA charges VEP fees of $35/day for cars and $4/day for motorcycles. Over time, this could prove to be a pretty significant sum.

Hence, motorists might want to consider sending their vehicles back to Malaysia to save some money.

Transport Minster Khaw Boon Wan also shared his thoughts on the matter, and expressed in a Facebook post that it is the “sensible thing to do”.


Restoring travel between S’pore & M’sia

Currently, both Singapore and Malaysia are in their own versions of recovery phases.

As such, citizens of both nations are unable to travel back and forth freely.

Hopefully, the situation stabilises well enough in the next few weeks, so that travel between both countries can be restored soon.

Featured image adapted from Simply Enjoy JB.

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