Waterway Point & Mustafa Centre Among 3 Places Visited By Covid-19 Cases

Waterway Point, Mustafa Centre & POSB At Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre Visited By Covid-19 Cases

On Friday (12 Jun), the Ministry of Health (MOH) added 3 locations to the list of places visited by Covid-19 cases. They are Waterway Point, the POSB at Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre and Mustafa Centre.

You can view the full list below.


Locations visited over 2 days

On Monday (8 Jun), the patient visited Waterway Point at Punggol in the afternoon from 3.50pm-5.00pm.


Meanwhile, the POSB at Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre was visitedin the morning, from 9.10am-10.15am.


Of the 3 places, Mustafa Centre is the only one that has been visited before, appearing on the list on 4 Jun. However, it was visited once again on the evening of 9 Jun, between 7.50pm-8.35pm.


No need to avoid these locations

Although citizens should be staying at home as much as possible, MOH says there is no need to avoid these locations.

However, those present at these locations during the specified timings should pay close attention to their health for 2 weeks following the visit. They should see a doctor if they develop symptoms such as cough, sore throat and runny nose.

But to be safe, let’s just stay in unless we absolutely have to go out.

Featured image adapted from Miss Tam Chiak and Google Maps.

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