CNY We Bare Bears Hong Baos & Orange Bags At Shilin Snacks Till 4 Feb

We Bare Bears Hong Baos At Shilin Taiwanese Street Snacks

Usually, people – nephews, nieces, cousins who aren’t married – don’t remember who gave them which Hong Bao. That is, unless the Hong Bao contains that golden $100 bill.

But obviously, dishing out $100 Hong Baos is financial suicide. There’s another way to make your Hong Bao stand out, and earn the exclusive gratitude of the little ones — We Bare Bears Hong Baos.


These limited edition Hong Baos featuring everyone’s favourite trio of bears can be yours if you spend $12 at any Shilin Taiwanese Street Snacks outlet.

We Bare Bears Prosperity Set with $30 spending

If you’re a real fan of Shilin snacks, your enthusiasm will be rewarded.

Spend $30 on a single receipt and you’ll be entitled to a set of Hong Baos and a We Bare Bears mandarin orange carrier bag you can use to bai nian.


This way you can easily make your entrance known to everyone.

Not to mention, you’ll have an adorable conversation starter. Say goodbye to periods of awful silence when you try to remember which niece belongs to which cousin.

Promotion ends 4 Feb 2019

The promotion runs from 1 Jan to 4 Feb 2019.

You’ll probably want to get it before Chinese New Year. Actually, maybe even sooner in case they are all snatched up.

Besides, spending $12 at the outlet is quite simple.

One XXL Crispy Chicken and one bowl of Oyster Mee Sua, and you’d have hit the mark.


And let’s be honest, the chicken is a real guilty pleasure. You might as well redeem CNY freebies for your mum to wash down the calorie-guilt.

Featured image from Capitaland and Facebook

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