The Dog Is Very Timid & May Take Months To Warm Up

Dogs that are lucky may have a family to shower them with love for their whole lives. But for others less fortunate, this fantasy is short-lived.

Exclusively Mongrels Limited, an animal welfare group, took to Facebook on Monday (1 Apr) appealing for fosterers or adopters to take in a dog whose owner’s health condition rendered it impossible to look after her anymore.

Here’s their post in full.


Extremely skittish dog

According to the post, Holly is a 7.5-month-old dog who was bailed out from AVA in Dec 2018.

She has a beautiful long coat of white fur, with several patches of black.

Holly takes a few months to warm up to new people, and as such, would require a patient fosterer or adopter who’s willing to put in the time to earn her trust.


She’s timid and doesn’t like to be leashed, as evident in the following picture.  


She’s also of the HDB-approved size, doesn’t bite, and is able to get along with other dogs.

Adopter developed breathing difficulties

Holly is currently being put up for adoption as her owner developed serious breathing difficulties and even needed to be hospitalised on several occasions.

She was initially adapting well in her adopter’s home but as a result of her owner’s respiratory condition, she had to be kept outdoors.


Feeling that this is unfair to Holly, the owner is now seeking a new home for his gorgeous-looking dog.

Urgently seeking a new home

As Holly’s stay with the current adopter is ending soon, the group is now urgently appealing for a new home for her.

If you are keen on adopting her, feel free to reach out to Exclusively Mongrels Limited via DM or text.

We hope Holly will be able to find a new loving owner soon.

Featured image from Exclusively Mongrels Limited on Facebook and Facebook.