Dying Dog Suffered A Mild Stroke Recently

Imagine being trapped in one place for 10 years.

Sounds depressing? Well, that was the exact predicament that Louis – a rottweiler – had to go through as a guard dog when he was chained in an alley.


Louis was eventually freed from his shackles but recently suffered a mild stroke while staying with his new owners, who are struggling to support him.

Activists from Chained Dog Awareness In Singapore (CDAS) – a dog rescue group – took to Facebook on Sunday (10 Mar), to find Louis a new home for him to live his last days.

Here’s their post in full.


Chained to pipes for 10 years

According to the post, Louis was formerly a guard dog that had spent 10 years chained to several pipes at the back of an alley.


Louis’ owner eventually surrendered him to the AVA, but it was too late.

By then, Louis was already emaciated and looked severely underfed.


He also had ear and yeast infections, as well as lumps all over his body.


Taken in by 2 fosterers

Upon hearing news of Louis’ state, two fosterers volunteered to take him in.

But things weren’t exactly smooth sailing.

They soon found that Louis suffered from separation anxiety, and would bark for long periods of time.


Louis also required long walks, which the fosterers tried to provide initially, but struggled later on due to their busy schedules.


Suffered a stroke recently

Things took a turn for the worse recently when Louis suffered a mild stroke.

Even though he is back on his feet once again, the fosterers notice that he hardly barks and smiles.


His unusual behaviour led his fosterers to believe that his days are numbered.

Thinking that he should spend his finals days in a more suitable home, they approached CDAS to help Louis find a new family.

Activists at CDAS have compiled a ‘bucket list’ for Louis that they hope his new owners can help him tick off.

  1. A home
  2. A soft bed
  3. A birthday party
  4. A visit to a dog café
  5. A massage
  6. A day spent at the beach

Help Louis find a forever home

Anyone with the means to take care of Louis and help to fulfil his last wishes can contact CDAS via Facebook.

We hope a fosterer steps up soon to adopt Louis and provide him with a happy and fulfilling life that he deserves.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.