Woman Fills Large Wine Glasses With S$1 LiHO Tea, Contents Shared Among 15 People

LiHO Offers Promo For S$1 Tea With Reusable Containers, Woman Fills 3 Large Wine Glasses

On Saturday (25 Mar), local bubble tea chain LiHO offered their Signature Da Hong Pao Tea at just S$1.

This is provided that customers come with their own reusable containers to enjoy the promotion.

Source: LiHO Singapore on Facebook

One woman, seemingly epitomising the kiasu Singaporean spirit, decided to come with three large wine glasses.

However, no wastage occurred, she claimed, as 15 people shared the drinks.

Any size of reusable bottle to enjoy S$1 LiHO tea

According to LiHO’s Facebook post, all customers had to do was bring their own bottles on Saturday (25 Mar) to enjoy the S$1 deal.

Source: LiHO Singapore on Facebook

The containers could apparently be of any size as long as they were reusable.

LiHO promised to fill it to the brim as long as there’s no wastage.

The promotion was ostensibly to promote sustainability and waste reduction, with proceeds donated to an environmentally friendly charity.

Woman brings large wine glass

In a TikTok video posted by user @nothingaboutsteven that day, a woman is seen bringing a wine glass to LiHO for the promo.

Source: @nothingaboutsteven on TikTok

Though the glass didn’t seem like much as she held it up to the camera, first appearances can be deceiving.

Its true size was revealed when she recorded a LiHO staff member filling it up — the glass on the counter was tall enough to reach his eye level.

Source: @nothingaboutsteven on TikTok

He apparently needed quite a few normal portions to fill it up.

Video reveals 3 large wine glasses

When the woman received her filled glass, she grinned in delight and carried it to a nearby counter.

Source: @nothingaboutsteven on TikTok

Due to its size, she had to grasp it with both hands.

However, another surprise was in store — she put the large glass next to another similar one.

The video then revealed that not one or two, but three large wine glasses of tea were ordered.

Source: @nothingaboutsteven on TikTok

Contents were shared among 15 people

Unsurprisingly, netizens questioned her actions, with one saying that those behind would have to wait a while to be served.

Source: @nothingaboutsteven on TikTok

Another quipped that this would be ideal for bubble tea lovers who’ve promised to keep to just one cup.

Source: @nothingaboutsteven on TikTok

In response to those who asked how anyone could finish so much tea without harming their health, the OP said that the drinks were actually shared among 15 people.

Source: @nothingaboutsteven on TikTok

Thus, no wastage occurred, they indicated.

Congratulations to them are in order, we suppose, for coming up with this idea.

As long as LiHO is happy to oblige and no drinks are wasted, there’s no reason for concern.

Did you get a S$1 tea at LiHO this weekend? If so, do share with us the receptacle you used in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from @nothingaboutsteven on TikTok.

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