FairPrice Offers Customers Refund After Winnie The Pooh Pot Breaks On 2 Separate Occasions

Winnie The Pooh Pot From FairPrice Breaks After Being Used Less Than 5 Times

UPDATE (28 Oct, 10am): FairPrice has apologised for the concern the breaking of the pot has caused. They are now offering customers who have purchased the Winnie the Pooh Ceramic Cooking Pot a refund if they return the item from 27 Oct to 3 Nov 2022.

Cooking stew or soup generally requires less effort than other dishes because the ingredients are simply dumped into a pot and left to simmer.

No one would expect to return to the stove with everything in a mess. But one woman recently did.

She was aghast to find her precious Winnie The Pooh ceramic pot from FairPrice broken on the stove, causing its contents to spill out.

Source: Tamz Loh on Facebook

Even though she wasn’t injured, she demanded an explanation from the supermarket chain as she had only used the pot less than five times.

Woman used pot to cook soup for lunch

On Wednesday (26 Oct) afternoon, Tamz Loh posted to the Complaint Singapore Facebook page, detailing her ordeal.

She told MS News that she usually used the Winnie the Pooh ceramic pot to cook soup. After preparing lunch, she heard weird noises from the kitchen. “I saw the soup all over the stove and floor,” she said.

The pot looked cracked right in the middle, essentially splitting it in half.

Source: Tamz Loh on Facebook

However, she was thankful that neither she nor her 10-month-old son was in the kitchen at the time. Otherwise, things could have gotten uglier.

“My son usually likes to be near me whenever I cook. Luckily, he’s not home today,” she said.

Spent S$55.90 to get Winnie the Pooh pot from FairPrice

Ms Loh’s plans to have soup for lunch had gone awry. To make matters worse, she had to spend time cleaning up the kitchen after the pot broke.

She shared that she was upset as the pot was fairly underused, having been used for cooking soup less than five times.

It wasn’t cheap either. I had to top up S$55.90 after accumulating eight points just to get the pot from FairPrice.

Image courtesy of Tamz Loh

According to the box, the pot was suitable for use on the gas stove. It also purportedly has high-temperature resistance of up to 250°C.

Image courtesy of Tamz Loh

Even though she was aware that someone else’s pot had broken too, she didn’t expect the same thing to happen to her.

Hence, she urged those with the same pot to either get a refund or use it as a decorative item.

FairPrice offers customers refund for pots

In response to queries from MS News, a FairPrice spokesperson acknowledged that they are aware of the Facebook post about a Winnie the Pooh Cooking Pot breaking while being heated on a stovetop.

They apologised for the concern the incident has caused and are requesting for the customer to get in touch. The supermarket chain claimed that they have yet to hear from the OP and have had trouble contacting her due to Facebook privacy settings.

As for other customers who have purchased the Winnie the Pooh Cooking Pot (1.8L), FairPrice is offering a refund. Customers who want the refund will have to bring their new pot in original packaging to the same store where they purchased it to return the item and get their money back anytime from 27 Oct to 3 Nov 2022.

Emphasising the importance of product safety and integrity, they assured that they work with suppliers to ensure that the products on offer pass the necessary safety tests. FairPrice has since provided feedback to the supplier of the pots and will work with them to address the matter.

Nonetheless, they remind customers to review the usage and care guidelines to ensure safety. Customers who have queries may contact FairPrice’s customer service hotline at 6380 5858 or via the link here.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and courtesy of Tamz Loh.

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