Woman randomly hits passers-by with umbrella in Chinatown, police called to the scene

Woman indiscrimately hits passers-by with umbrella in Chinatown

A video of a woman hitting random passers-by with an umbrella while walking around in Chinatown has been circulating online recently.

The clip showed her doing the deed and walking away nonchalantly while her victims turned around to look at her in shock.

Police were called to the scene, but the woman had left by then.

Woman uses umbrella to hit passers-by in Chinatown

Shin Min Daily News reported that the incidents took place on Thursday (29 Feb) at Block 34 Upper Cross Street.

At least one video captured a middle-aged woman in green hot pants carrying an umbrella and walking along a corridor past some shops.

As she walked past several people, she swung her umbrella at them without warning.

At the start of the video, a middle-aged man who had just been hit on his arm could be seen looking back at the woman in shock.

But after seeing her walking away seemingly unbothered, he went his own way too while clutching his arm.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

But the woman’s hitting spree didn’t end there as a different passer-by — an unsuspecting woman in a white t-shirt — fell victim while walking past her.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

Both the victim and a man in a red, striped polo shirt walking behind the perpetrator were visibly shocked by her actions.

However, as the woman walked off after her acts, the passers-by appeared unable to confront her.

Shin Min noted that the woman would hit others indiscriminately, once even hitting a person with disabilities.

Police called to the scene

According to Shin Min, the police were called due to the indiscriminate whackings.

But by the time officers arrived, the woman had already left.

One witness, a woman selling curry puffs at the coffeeshop, told a reporter that the woman in question would sometimes stand in front of her stall but not buy anything.

According to the witness, the woman had never done anything similar to what she did before that day.

Police confirmed that they had received a report and that investigations were ongoing.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News.

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