Woman Throws Saucers & Tray At Chinatown Toast Box Staff After Getting Served Uncracked Eggs

Woman Throws Eggs With Saucers & Tray At Toast Box Staff

Toast with eggs and coffee is a teatime staple for Singaporeans.

However, while some like to crack their own eggs, others may opt to have their eggs served with their contents already out.

One female customer at Toast Box seemed to prefer the latter, as she was caught on camera throwing them back at staff.

Source: District Singapore on Facebook

She had been served uncracked eggs and was apparently dissatisfied with that.

Woman seemingly points phone at Toast Box staff

In a video posted on Friday (31 Mar) by District Singapore on Facebook, a bespectacled woman wearing black is seen standing at the counter of Toast Box.

She’s holding up her phone towards the staff behind the counter as if to record a video, but it’s uncertain whether she’s doing so.

Source: District Singapore on Facebook

She’s also saying something to the staff, gesturing with her right hand as she does so, even though they are trying to serve other customers coffee and cake.

Woman asks Toast Box staff to crack eggs, throws them back

Soon, a staff member puts two eggs in saucers on the woman’s tray, but she seems unhappy.

Source: District Singapore on Facebook

The woman moves the eggs towards the staff, asking in Mandarin for them to be cracked.

The staff member, however, places a spoon next to the eggs as if for the customer to crack the eggs herself.

In response, the customer abruptly throws the entire tray with eggs and saucers back at the staff, visibly shocking a male customer waiting behind her.

Source: District Singapore on Facebook

She then shouts, “打蛋! 打蛋啊!” (“crack the eggs!”)

As the miffed staff member picks up the thrown items, she can be heard mentioning that witnesses are around.

She also asks, “丢什么?” (“Why you throw?”), adding that they’ll call the police.

Woman throws another tray towards staff

The woman responds by throwing another tray towards the staff.

Source: District Singapore on Facebook

The staff member then puts the tray back in front of her, only for the woman to push the tray away for some reason.

A mini tug-of-war ensued, with both women pushing the tray back and forth.

Source: District Singapore on Facebook

Woman inspects eggs, appears to reject them

When the woman finally receives a saucer with cracked-open egg contents, she uses a spoon to inspect her food.

Source: District Singapore on Facebook

As she prods the egg contents, she continues talking and, at one point, says something about the eggs having water in them.

The hapless staff member then takes back the saucer, and a voice can be heard asking the customer to come over before the video ends.

Most netizens appalled at behaviour

Most netizens were appalled at the woman’s behaviour, with some calling her a “Karen”.

Source: District Singapore on Facebook

Others asked why she couldn’t crack the eggs open herself.

Source: District Singapore on Facebook

One commenter identified the Toast Box outlet as the Chinatown Point branch and pitied the staff there.

Source: District Singapore on Facebook

However, at least one netizen took the customer’s side, maintaining that since Toast Box is “overpriced,” they should crack eggs for customers.

Source: District Singapore on Facebook

MS News has reached out to the BreadTalk Group, which operates Toast Box, to comment on the incident. This article will be updated when they respond.

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Featured image adapted from District Singapore on Facebook.

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