WP Supporters Now Gathering At Hougang Coffee Shop, It’s Their Unofficial Home Ground

WP Supporters Now Gathering At Hougang Coffee Shop In Show Of Support For Party

The coffee shop at Blk 322, Hougang Avenue 5, is no ordinary coffee shop.

Every election, people are packed there till late at night, when other coffee shops might have closed for the night.

That’s because it’s the unofficial “home ground” of Workers’ Party (WP) supporters, being located as it is in the party’s stronghold of Hougang Single-Member Constituency (SMC).

On Polling Day for the 2020 General Election (GE), it’s no different, and the place started getting packed in the evening as voting wound down.


Netizens post videos of crowds at Hougang coffee shop

Netizens have posted many videos of the scene at the coffee shop on Friday (10 Jul) night, and the sight will be an uplifting one for WP supporters.

Here are some of them.




Will support translate to votes?

While these scenes show that the WP commands a significant amount of support in Hougang, we wonder if it will translate to an actual majority of votes.

In GE2020, it’s being contested by the WP’s Mr Dennis Tan and the People’s Action Party’s Mr Lee Hong Chuang.

We’ll keep you updated on the results for the SMN tonight.

Featured images adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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