WP’s Sylvia Lim Applies To Speak In Parliament About Ex-Helper’s Case, Discuss Criminal Justice System

WP’s Sylvia Lim Files Parliament Motion On Parti Liyani Case, May Speak At Next Sitting In Oct

When Indonesia ex-domestic helper Parti Liyani was acquitted of stealing and the focus shifted to her ex-employer‘s “improper motive” instead, many Singaporeans might have wondered what our opposition had to say about the case.

After all, it raises questions about our criminal justice system that should be scrutinised in Parliament.

Progress Singapore Party chief Tan Cheng Bock has already called for an independent review into the case.

Now, the main opposition Workers’ Party (WP) is finally preparing to talk about the case in Parliament, according to its statement in a Facebook post on Wednesday (16 Sep).


Sylvia Lim files Adjournment Motion

According to the post, WP chairman Sylvia Lim filed an Adjournment Motion in Parliament on Monday (14 Sep).

This is for the next time Parliament sits, in Oct.

An MP files an Adjournment Motion for the purpose of bringing up additional matters of public concern in the House.

If allowed, Ms Lim will speak on the topic “Justice For All: Enhancing Equity in the Criminal Justice System”, which is the title of the motion.

Motion to reference Parti Liyani case

According to the WP statement, the motion will refer to “deeper issues” revolving around Ms Parti’s case, adding,

The intention is to discuss aspects of the criminal justice system and the challenges faced by persons of less means in navigating it.

On top of raising the issue, the motion will also give “specific suggestions” to improve the criminal justice system.

Here’s the memorandum on the motion in full:


Motion may not proceed

According to Gov.sg, only 1 MP per Parliament sitting has the right to raise an Adjournment Motion.

Thus, if more than 1 MP wishes to do so, they will have to ballot for the right to proceed with the motion.

That means if Ms Lim doesn’t win the ballot, she might not be able to speak on this.

Many S’poreans may be interested to hear WP’s stance

We sincerely hope that Ms Lim wins the ballot to speak on this issue, as it’s an important issue and many Singaporeans may be interested to hear what our opposition has to say on it.

The Government has already had a say, in the form of Home and Law Minister K. Shanmugam, who acknowledged that something had gone wrong in the process and assured that the case will be thoroughly reviewed.

Do you want to hear Ms Lim speak in Parliament on this matter? Please share your thoughts with us.

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