Cockroach Found In Curry Chicken Rice From Yishun Restaurant, SFA Investigating Incident

Woman Finds Cockroach In Rice From Yishun Restaurant

A woman faced a nightmarish situation when she uncovered a cockroach in her chicken curry rice from a restaurant in Yishun.

Source: Facebook

Most times, cases of insects being found in food point to a larger hygiene concern.

Worried about a potential hygiene breach, this particular woman was not going to let the incident slide.

Woman shares photos of cockroach in curry chicken rice

In a Facebook post on 2 Feb, a woman shared her creepy discovery of a cockroach in her food.

She included detailed pictures of the critter and her receipt to back her claim.

Source: Facebook

The food appeared to be half-eaten and there was one critter clearly visible amidst grains of rice.

Source: Facebook

Although she was ready to “take serious action”, the woman was not sure how to.

Netizens express shock & concern

Responding to her plea, the online community came forth with useful suggestions.

Some users urged her to lodge a formal complaint to the National Environment Agency (NEA) while others suggested that the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is a safer bet.

Source: Facebook

However, one user was worried that her complaint would not be taken seriously by authorities.

Source: Facebook

In response to MS News’ queries, SFA said that they are investigating the matter.

The agency also took the opportunity to remind the public that food safety is a joint responsibility.

While SFA puts in place and enforces the regulatory measures, retail food establishments must play their part by adhering to good food hygiene and preparation practices.

Anyone who comes across a potentially errant food establishment can report it to SFA via the online feedback form here. Should there be sufficient incriminating evidence, the agency will not hesitate to take enforcement action.

Eateries should take hygiene standards seriously

This is not the first time that customers have found unexpected ‘ingredients’ in their meals.

Such incidents may cast doubt on the food safety standards of these establishments and even damage their reputation.

Therefore, to avoid such consequences, business owners and their staff should maintain high standards of hygiene always.

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