Yishun Landlord Allegedly Refuses To Return Tenant Deposit, Needs To Check ‘Hidden’ CCTV Footage First

Yishun Tenant Supposedly Denied Deposit After Being Evicted

Those who have rented before would have their fair share of frustrating stories.

For one university student in Singapore, her relationship with her landlord soured to the point of no return.

The woman shared her story on TikTok, alleging that her landlord refused to return her deposit.

Stuck in this current situation, the OP turned to social media for help.

Yishun landlord wants to watch CCTV footage before returning deposit to tenant

The OP shared her story on TikTok on 30 Mar in a series of slides.

Based on her account of events, the landlord had behaved out of character on several occasions before.

At one point, he even reached out to her school to ask questions about the validity of her student pass.

Source: TikTok

When things reached a breaking point, the landlord evicted the tenant.

However, when she asked him to return her the deposit, he refused.

Apparently, he stated that he needed two weeks to watch the “hidden CCTV recording”.

Source: TikTok

In a screenshot that the OP shared of their online exchange, the landlord warned her not to “challenge” him.

Source: TikTok

Unfortunately, when she escalated the issue to her agent, she didn’t receive a response.

Landlord treated her nicely at the start

According to the OP, the two had gotten off to a good start.

When she first moved in, the landlord was kind enough to treat her to a welcome dinner.

In the following weeks, the OP shared that “he continued to treat (her) nicely”.

However, she recounted that he eventually started to become naggy about “little things”.

Source: TikTok

On one occasion, she agreed to cut down on her air-conditioning usage after he shared that he couldn’t afford to pay the bills.

Based on what she shared, they settled on 10 hours of usage daily.

Netizens come forward with suggestions

Seemingly stuck in a frustrating situation, the OP asked for suggestions on how to handle the situation.

In response, several netizens answered her call for help, suggesting that she consider filing a Small Claims Tribunal.

Source: TikTok

Additionally, others asked that the OP gather evidence of him using CCTV cameras, as this could be to her advantage.

Source: TikTok

Meanwhile, another commenter mused that property sites should have a review section for landlords.

Source: TikTok

MS News has reached out to the OP for more information.

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