Yolé United Square Worker Filmed Eating Directly From Tub, Disciplinary Action To Be Taken Against Her

Yolé United Square Employee Caught On Video Eating  Directly From Tub

Double dipping is practically taboo unless you’re with close friends or family. Even then, lots of people use serving spoons, because who wants other peoples’ saliva on your food, right?

Unfortunately, this Yolé employee seems to disagree. A video of her on a break showed her eating directly from a tub in the stall as she double-dipped multiple times.

The video of her took the Internet by storm, but for all the wrong reasons.

It was just shared to All Singapore Stuff’s Facebook page and has already gotten over 1,100 shares in just a few hours.

Check out the post below.

Read on for more about this shocking video.

Yolé staff filmed eating straight from tub

The video – filmed by an onlooker – appears to show the staff eating out of a large tub with a spoon.

She can clearly be seen dipping the spoon back into the tub multiple times, even after she’d put it in her mouth.


It’s not clear what was in the tub, or whether the tub was meant for customers’ consumption, but she’s definitely eating directly out of it.

Yolé Singapore commented on Facebook

It seems like the video had already been circulating online for a while, as Yolé Singapore took to their Facebook page to address it yesterday (18 Mar).

Here’s their post regarding the spoon-dipping staff.


They didn’t address whether the tub was meant for sale, or what was even in the tub. But they did inform customers that they had taken “necessary disciplinary actions” against the staff involved.

According to their post, the “involved parties” are now being investigated.

Yolé Singapore reassured customers that they are “100 percent committed” to ensuring that their products are safe and of optimal quality, especially given the gravity of observing good hygiene and cleanliness nowadays.

They also apologised to customers for the unsettling experience, and thanked them for the feedback.

Hopefully, the tub she was eating from doesn’t turn out to be something Yolé sells.

Importance of ensuring customer safety

This video definitely came at an apt time. It served as a reminder to all F&B workers to maintain good hygiene, especially now that we’re vulnerable to Covid-19.

Please maintain good hygiene, especially if you’re working in F&B or you’re often in close contact with others.

The increased precautionary measures are not to be taken lightly. We should complement them by approaching our daily activities with more caution and keep vigilant until Covid-19 blows over.

Featured image adapted from Facebook

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