Young Boy With Covid-19 Bids Parents Tearful Goodbye While Walking Towards Waiting Ambulance

Young Boy Who Tests Positive For Covid-19 Cries While Leaving His Family Behind

The escalating Covid-19 situation scares many of us, but no fear is as strong as that of those whose loved ones have been affected.

We can only imagine what the family of this young boy in Malaysia must have felt after he tested positive for Covid-19.

A video of the young boy, seemingly in his early teens, walking away from his home towards an ambulance went viral yesterday (28 Mar).

Crying as he carried his belongings to an ambulance outside his home, the scene of him leaving his family behind was a heartbreaking one.

Carries belongings to ambulance waiting outside his home

Dressed in home clothes and donning a mask, the boy picked up a basket and duffel bag full of personal belongings as he headed towards the main gate.


He shuffled his feet along reluctantly, pausing every once in a while to put his things down and wipe the tears from his face.


Standing close by were likely his parents, who also had masks on, and walked with him every step of the way.

Paramedics take young boy away to hospital for Covid-19 treatment

Outside the main gate was an ambulance with paramedics in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) waiting to whisk him away.

The boy’s father walked him halfway there before a paramedic came along and led the rest of the way there.


Once inside and the door shut behind him, the boy’s father walked up to the window and waved goodbye, as the ambulance drove away with his young son peering out of the brightly lit interior.


To have to send your child away in challenging times like this is surely difficult for any parent, let alone having to do that in the middle of the night.

The exact location of the incident is unknown, though it may have been Johor Bahru (JB), from the Facebook poster’s profile.

Cousin seeks well wishes & prayers for young boy

The boy’s cousin posted the video of the heartbreaking scene on Facebook yesterday (28 Mar), garnering over 30,000 shares at the time of writing.

Captioning his post was a simple request in Malay, which translates to,

Pray for the recovery of my cousin who tested positive for Covid-19…May he be strong to fight the virus & be in better health after this…

No updates on the young boy’s situation are out yet, but we hope he is well on his way to recovery, and that his family finds the strength to get through this difficult period.

Our well wishes also go out to all other families who have had to face a similar situation. Stay strong, and let’s fight this virus together.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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