Less Rain Expected In 2nd Half Of Sep, But There’ll Still Be Wet Weather

Some Warm Days Expected For 2nd Week Of Sep, Says Met Service

Rainy days were aplenty in the 1st two weeks of Sep, and depending on your outlook, this was either gloomy or a cause for celebration.

Well, those expecting any different for the next 2 weeks in Sep might have to wait a while longer, as the Met Service forecasts some more rainy days.


There’ll also be more warm days, however, with temperatures potentially reaching highs of 34°C.

Read on to find out more about the weather forecast for the rest of Sep.

More warm days between 16-30 Sep

First, the bad news.

The Met Service forecasts more warm weather in the next 2 weeks — some days might reach 34°C, so be sure to prepare your towels to wipe that sweat off as you work.

That, or crank the AC, but we don’t recommend that because, you know, climate change.

There should be some warm nights too, which may or may not incapacitate your beauty sleep.

Monsoon weather

Now for the good news.

Most days should be in the temperature range of 25°C and 33°C.

There’ll also be plenty of rain for this time of month, although the Met Service says it’ll be less than the weird levels of downpour earlier in Sep.


Short thundery showers will engulf parts of the island between the late morning and afternoon, some perhaps extending to the evening.

The passage of our good friend, Sumatra squalls, will bring widespread thundery showers on a few mornings.

First 2 weeks of Sep saw very wet weather

In its review of the past 2 weeks, the Met Service confirmed what we experienced — it was very wet, and quite cold too.

In fact, the lowest daily temperature recorded was 21.8°C in Paya Lebar just yesterday (15 Sep).

There was also more rainfall than average, with a whopping 188% above average rainfall in Tanjong Katong.

Even the lowest amount of rainfall was in Admiralty at 8% below average.

Which isn’t saying much.

Still plenty of rain in Sep

So as the Met Service established, we had a ridiculous amount of rainfall earlier this month.

The next half won’t be this insane, but there’ll still be plenty of rain, so strap in with your ponchos and don’t forget to bring your umbrella if you’re going out.

You don’t want to be caught in the rain, after all.

Featured image adapted from Little Day Out.

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