Air New Zealand To Weigh Selected Passengers Before Flight For Survey, Data Will Remain Anonymous

Air New Zealand To Weigh Selected Passengers Before Flight For Survey, Data Will Remain Anonymous

Air New Zealand To Weigh Selected Passengers As Part Of Survey

Air New Zealand has announced that it will be weighing selected passengers before boarding for international flights.

The exercise will be part of a survey and the data will remain anonymous.

The airline further assured passengers that participation is voluntary and they will receive guidance from staff during the process.

Air New Zealand to weigh selected passengers for survey

In a statement on its official website, Air New Zealand revealed further details about the exercise.

It stated that it is conducting a survey to measure the average weight of passengers, including cabin baggage, on international flights.

“For safety reasons we need to know the weight of all items onboard the aircraft,” the airline said. “For passengers, crew and carry on bags, we use average weights that we get every five years through this survey.”

During the exercise, passengers will have to step on a scale, CNN reports. They will have to place their cabin baggage on a separate scale at the same time.

Source: CBS News

The data retrieved from the exercise would also be recorded anonymously, the airline stressed.

This is made possible by the scales not displaying the weight and feeding the data directly into a computer.

Participation in exercise entirely voluntary

The airline also reassured passengers that participation will be voluntary and that staff will guide them through the weighing process.

It will not delay flights, taking place right before the boarding gate.

According to CBS News, the exercise will occur on international flights departing from Auckland International Airport through 2 July, with the first round having occurred on Monday (29 May).

The airline will be using it to gather data on the weight load and distribution for planes.

“It’s a regulatory requirement for us to know the weight of everything that goes on the aircraft,” the airline’s load control improvement specialist Alastair James said.

This is not the first time the airline has organised such an exercise.

Passengers for domestic flights participated in a similar one in 2021. However, the survey for international travellers experienced a delay as a result of the pandemic.

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Featured image adapted from CBS News and Air New Zealand.

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