AMK Western Food Stall Posts Selfies On GrabFood Menu, Leaves Customer Amused

AMK grabfood selfies

AMK Food Stall’s GrabFood Menu Features Selfies Instead Of Dishes

It can be difficult to make a business stand out, especially in the notoriously competitive world of F&B.

However, it looks like a humble kiosk in Ang Mo Kio (AMK) may have inadvertently managed to do it in their own quirky way.

Recently, a Twitter user shared a screenshot showing the GrabFood page of Abang Western Power, a Muslim-owned western stall.

amk grabfood selfies

Source: @liluzispurt on Twitter

Instead of photos of the dishes, some of the menu items feature pictures of people – presumably the staff – instead.

The unusual listings tickled netizens, who jokingly asked if the men come with the order too.

AMK western food stall’s GrabFood menu features selfies of staff

On Tuesday (26 Apr), Twitter user @liluzispurt posted about the GrabFood page of Abang Western Power. The stall is located in Teck Ghee Court Market & Food Centre.

Source: Facebook

She said the food delivery platform has “the best hidden gems”. Pointing out the selfies on the menu, she quipped “Can I order abang too?”

Next to the listing for the All Beef Sliders Set with Cheese Fries is a selfie of two men. One is flashing a very happy smile to the camera, while the other puts up a peace sign.

amk grabfood selfies

Source: Abang Western Power – Teck Ghee Court on GrabFood

We assume they’re enjoying the beef sliders, which can barely be seen in the photo.

Another shot, which is next to the Spicy Sambal Wing, features a man sprinkling seasoning on said wings. You can see a little more of the actual dish in this one.

amk grabfood selfies

Source: Abang Western Power – Teck Ghee Court on GrabFood

The same shot is used in another listing for Sambal Wing Rice with Achar endorsed by Chef Ameer.

We suppose there’s no better way to show how much you endorse something than by putting your own face on it.

Since the rest of the menu has professionally shot photos of the food, the selfies were probably the stall owners’ way of being cheeky.

amk grabfood selfies

Source: Abang Western Power – Teck Ghee Court on GrabFood

Netizens find selfies amusing

At the time of writing, the post has almost 5,000 likes and 2,000 retweets, with other users finding the menu highly entertaining.

Several praised it as “good marketing” since it was a pretty ingenious way of getting attention.

twitter comment

Source: Twitter

Another person even said that she would be interested to patronise the stall “just because of the food pics”.

twitter comment

Source: Twitter

Others made jokes about how the men will be delivered along with the menu items as well.

twitter comment

Source: Twitter

It’s kind of like that old pick-up line, “Coffee, tea, or me?”

A great way to get the internet’s attention

Whether the Abang Western Power staff were just trying to be funny or wanted to generate publicity for their business, their antics definitely caught the internet’s attention.

It’s nice to see how they aren’t afraid to show their silly sides. After all, the world could always use a little more humour.

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Featured image adapted from Abang Western Power – Teck Ghee Court on GrabFood.

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