Ang Mo Kio Rooftop Farm Can Produce Enough Vegetables For 1,600 People Monthly

AMK Rooftop Garden Can Produce Enough Veg For 1,600 People

Why buy vegetables that may not be fresh if we can grow it in our own backyard?

Local agriculture company Citiponics has a 1,800 sq m vegetable farm – roughly 1/3 the size of a soccer field – on the top level of a carpark at Block 700 Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Avenue 6.

When it reaches full capacity, the farm will be able to produce 4 tonnes of vegetables monthly — enough to feed 1,600 people.


25 types of vegetables grown

Given the small amount of space available, Citiponics is still able to grow over 25 different types of vegetables.

These include Singaporean household staples like nai bai, kai lan and cai xin.


System is pesticide-free and energy efficient

The farm operates on an “Aqua Organic System”. This means that the system neither uses pesticides nor produces waste.

But wait, there’s more. The system is also energy efficient and recycles used water to prevent mosquito breeding.


With an increase in the number of dengue cases, I think Singaporeans can agree that the mosquito population should be reduced.


Where to buy Citiponics Farm vegetables

Singaporeans living in the Ang Mo Kio area delight! Citiponics Farm expects to sell the produce at AMK Hub’s NTUC from April.

We are expecting them to fly off shelves as locally harvested organic vegetables are rare.

Moving towards a sustainable Singapore

Singapore relies heavily on imported food due to the nature of our small country. More eco-friendly farms like Citiponics may just help Singapore become more self-sustaining.


Hopefully, if Citiponics vegetables are well-received, we’ll start seeing a greater number of rooftop farms in Singapore.

Featured image from Facebook.

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