Home Cat In Australia Gives His Life To Protect Owners Against Venomous Snake

Be it cats or dogs, bunnies or humans, heroes on our planet do come in all shapes and sizes.

For those of us who are paw-rents, this is arguably even more so as our furbabies show their love by giving us their all.

For the owner of a cat named Arthur in Australia, bravery means Arthur’s jumping to his little hoomans‘ defence when facing a venomous snake.


While ensuring his little owners’ safety, Arthur unfortunately took a bite from the snake and succumbed to his injuries.

Cat fended off venomous snake in backyard

On Monday (15 Feb), the Animal Emergency Service team in Tanawha, Australia posted on Facebook in remembrance of Arthur the hero cat.


According to the post, the domestic shorthair was playing in the backyard with his family.

He was following his little owners around, when an Eastern Brown snake snuck up to the children.


Dubbed as one of Australia’s top 10 highly venomous snakes, the reptile posed grave danger to the little ones.

Arthur, likely having sensed the threat, jumped to kill the snake but sustained a venomous bite in the process.

He collapsed afterwards but quickly recovered as if nothing was wrong. According to the Animal Emergency Service, such collapse events are common snake-bite symptoms.

Collapsed next morning due to venomous bite

As his owners were rushing to get the kids out of the yard, they had not noticed Arthur’s injury.

The next morning, they found him collapsed again and this time round, he wasn’t able to get up.

They took him to the Tanawha Animal Hospital where his injuries were pronounced “too severe to recover”.

Rest in peace, little hero

His family, as devastated as they come, say they remember Arthur fondly and are forever grateful that he saved the children’s lives.

As the 4-legged angel ascends to heaven to watch over his hoomans, we’re sure his love will continue protecting them from any danger.

Rest in peace, hero cat.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.