S’porean Paints Portrait Of Pulau Ubin Dog & Gives It To Residents In Tribute To Little Hero

Man Remembers Passing Of Pulau Ubin Dog With Portrait

A beloved Pulau Ubin dog named Kopi-O passed away in an accident on Wednesday (3 Feb), and many left tributes to the adorable guide who enlivened their hikes.

Pulau Ubin Dog Kopi O Passes Away In Accident, Netizens Share Loving Photos As Tribute

One visitor to Pulau Ubin, who interacted with Kopi-O a number of times, painted a portrait in tribute to him.


On Saturday (6 Feb), Mr Tan left the painting with Ubin residents as a keepsake.

Man visits Pulau Ubin to give dog portrait to residents

Mr Tan met Kopi-O many times on his sojourns to Ubin, and like many others was greatly saddened by his passing.

On Saturday (6 Feb), Mr Tan along with some others visited the island to pay their respects to Kopi-O.


Although he couldn’t visit Kopi-O’s grave as his owner wished to grieve in peace, the group managed to grieve in their own way at the spot where he passed on.


Many visitors had fond memories of the dog, who Mr Tan said was very much a part of the whole Ubin community — rather unlike Singapore households where dogs are part of a single one.

He likened Kopi-O to the famous Japanese dog Hachiko, who waited faithfully for his owner.

Left a deep impression on many

It’s clear that Kopi-O, who leaves his brother Teh-O behind, left an uncommonly deep impression on many — both within and beyond the island.

Mr Tan shares, in several pictures and videos sent to him, how bright he was in guiding hikers and other visitors on the island.

In one video, he can be seen protecting some hikers from wild boars.


A florist had heard about Kopi-O’s accident, and left a bouquet of flowers with the portrait that Mr Tan drew.


Beloved doggo will be missed

The outpouring of grief for Kopi-O highlights just how dearly remembered he was.

While his life was short, his memories are sure to live on for far longer in the minds of Ubin residents and visitors.

We truly hope that Kopi-O rests in peace, for he has made the days of many.

Kopi-O’s legacy is now remembered through a Facebook page dedicated to him.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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