Australian Runs 53km Length Of S’pore In 8 Hours, Paced Himself Using 7-Eleven Stops

Australian Man Runs Length Of Singapore, Journey Took 65,000 Steps

When on vacation, many like to challenge themselves with fresh experiences that help to make their trip more memorable.

One tourist was no exception when he decided to explore Singapore from East to West on foot.

An Australian man, Kalani Scarrot, recently decided to embark on a cross-country run spanning the length of the island.

Source: @ScarrotKalani on Twitter

His journey, which spanned 53.53km, took him just over eight hours to accomplish.

Australian tourist runs 53km length of Singapore

In a live Twitter thread of his journey on 27 May, Kalani first shared that he started his run at 6am.

Together with his wife, the 27-year-old braved the morning sun and accomplished about 11km within the first 90 minutes of the run.

Despite the heat, Kalani noted that he was “feeling good”.

The two continued and took two more breaks at 7-Eleven outlets just past the two-hour mark and at the four-hour mark of their endeavour.

Apart from beating the heat in the air-conditioned outlets, the couple also bought drinks and sugary snacks to refuel.

Source: @ScarrotKalani on Twitter

The two had successfully managed about 30km, over half of the journey at their third pit stop.

Source: @ScarrotKalani on Twitter

While Kalani’s wife decided to end her journey there, he remained committed and decided to continue on his own.

Prepared custom route before going on run

As it turns out, Kalani is no stranger to Singapore.

Kalani told MS News that this was his sixth or seventh time visiting Singapore, as he enjoys the food and has a few friends living here.

Although he “wouldn’t call (himself) a runner”, he did do some preparation ahead of the run.

The 27-year-old shared that he mapped out his running route before coming, as there were no satisfactory pre-existing routes available on the internet.

Image courtesy of Kalani

Additionally, he cleverly chose 7-Eleven outlets that were about eight to 10km apart as pit stops, as it helped him pace himself.

Source: NParks on Facebook

The outlets he visited were at the East Coast PCN, Bras Basah Road, Lor Mambong, and Teban Gardens respectively.

Eight-hour journey came with its fair share of obstacles

Alas, his experience was not completely smooth sailing.

Kalani told MS News that the first 20km of his journey was beautiful, with cool weather, a flat path, and other runners to keep his spirits high.

However, once he ran into the city area, things got more challenging as he got lost several times.

At the 38km mark of his journey, he even had to take a detour due to construction that blocked his intended path.

About 10km from his final destination, the straps to his Camelbak water bag also started falling apart.

Additionally, he had depleted his supply of gels and hydration tablets.

Source: @ScarrotKalani on Twitter

Despite the final “slog”, the Australian completed the 53.53km distance at Tuas, after eight hours and nine minutes travelling the length of Singapore.

Source: @ScarrotKalani on Twitter

In a later post on his Instagram page, he also shared that he clocked a total of 65,000 steps in the journey.

Source: @ScarrotKalani on Twitter

Run is one of the best experiences of his life

Kalani told MS News that he would be open to the idea of doing the run again, whether it be with friends, or at night to set a better record.

In fact, he would even consider doing a 150km loop around the whole island.

He also said he would recommend others to try the challenge, noting that he thinks it’s one of the best experiences of his life.

Kalani said:

You’ll learn plenty about yourself and test your mental strength, it’s an excellent way to see Singapore, and (at least for me) it gave me a great appreciation for how good the infrastructure is in Singapore is to even allow me to do this run.

However, he cautioned others to prepare well for the run and to know their limits, especially with the heat and humidity in Singapore.

That said, kudos to Kalani for persevering through and accomplishing such a feat, especially while on holiday.

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Featured image adapted from @ScarrotKalani on Twitter.

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