Baby With Covid-19 Is Youngest To Die From Virus In US

Officials in Illinois state in the United States (US) announced Saturday (28 Mar) that a baby was among the most recent Covid-19 deaths.

The infant was less than a year old, spooking its family and observers alike.

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While statistics show that it’s mostly the elderly with health complications who succumb to Covid-19, this new death in the US is something we should all take note of.

Exact cause of infant’s death still unknown

Details surrounding the infant’s death are murky, while investigations are underway, Channel NewsAsia (CNA) reported.

The Director of the Department of Public Health, Dr Ngozi Ezike, was quoted as saying that this was the first death of an infant in the United States related to Covid-19.

If you haven’t been paying attention, maybe this is your wake-up call.

Children do not often get infected, with only a small minority of cases contracting Covid-19.

Nor do they end up in critical care in a majority of cases, with most experiencing mild symptoms — just 6% were seriously ill, according to a study in the Pediatrics journal.

However, the recent death of a 16-year-old in France and now this infant case may be a sign that things are more than they appear.

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Do your part in fighting Covid-19, do not be complacent

The young may believe that they’re somehow immune or have less to worry about than the elderly when it comes to Covid-19.


However, that cannot be further from the truth: they can still spread the disease.

And if young people end up in the proximity of those who may have existing health conditions, it could spell the end for them.

As such, all of us — from the youth to the older — need to do our part, practice safe distancing and ensure we don’t congregate in large groups.

At the same time, if we do the right things now, we need not fear being a spreader — stay at home if you’re feeling unwell, and even if you’re not, try to minimise the amount of time you spend outside.

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