M’sian Man Places Baby On Petrol Station Floor While Refuelling, Some Argue It’s For Safety

Malaysian Man Places Baby On Petrol Station Floor

Placing your children in someone else’s care while you’re out and about is a luxury that not all parents can enjoy.

This Malaysian man is one of them, as he was spotted with two children while topping up petrol for his motorcycle.

Instead of securing the children in a safer spot, he placed a toddler on the floor of the petrol station.

This scene was filmed and uploaded on TikTok, much to the amusement of the lady behind the camera.

While seeing a baby on the floor might trouble some, netizens chose to look on the bright side and argue that having the little one on the motorcycle would be more dangerous.

Father places baby on petrol station floor, another child sits on motorcycle

On Monday (14 Nov), the video was shared on TikTok, amassing close to 400,000 views in less than a day.


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In the short seven-second clip, a young toddler sits on the ground of the petrol station, close to his father’s motorcycle.

Oblivious to his surroundings, the baby seems to play with something in his hand, occasionally putting it in his mouth.

Source: @gurl77 on TikTok

His father was close by, removing the cap of a plastic bottle.

Another young child, presumably his daughter, is perched on the motorcycle, waiting calmly for her dad.

The woman behind the camera says in Malay, “Why, brother? Pity the poor baby”.

Netizens look on the bright side of situation

Although it may look dangerous at first glance, some netizens chose to look at the situation more positively.

One netizen said it would be even more dangerous if the baby had fallen over while sitting on the motorcycle.

Source: @gurl77 on TikTok

A comment highlighted the father’s excellent job instead, pointing out the bag of pampers hung on the handlebar.

Source: @gurl77 on TikTok

A netizen chimed in, saying they would head over to help hold the baby if they were at the petrol station.

Source: @gurl77 on TikTok

However, the OP replied that she was scared the kids’ mother would get angry as she went in to pay for the petrol.

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Featured image adapted from @gurl77 on TikTok.

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