New Balenciaga Skirt Looks Like Towel, IKEA Comes Up With Cheaper Version

Balenciaga Produces Towel Skirt That Baffles Everyone

Luxury brand Balenciaga is known for thinking out of the box with their product designs and even their fashion shows.

The latest puzzling item from the fashion house is a skirt that looks very much like a towel casually wrapped around one’s waist after a shower.

Called the Balenciaga Towel Skirt, the item of clothing is already inviting criticism online.

Source: @balenciaga on Instagram

Not wanting to miss out on the hot topic, Swedish furniture giant IKEA came up with their version of the product — and it’s much cheaper too.

Balenciaga Towel Skirt is part of Spring 24 collection

Balenciaga introduced the item on their Instagram account on Wednesday (15 Nov), as part of their Spring 24 Collection.

Besides being unisex, it also has an adjustable belt with a hidden buckle, in case you’re wondering how it will stay up without sliding down.

According to Balenciaga’s Singapore website, the towel skirt has two buttons at the waistline. They’re on the inside, to avoid shattering the towel illusion.

One would know that the skirt isn’t just any towel from the Balenciaga logo embroidered on the front.

The material is also 100% terry cotton, so customers will be paying for extreme softness and luxury. That’s of course if you can afford to splurge S$1,250 on a skirt.

Balenciaga Towel Skirt sparks jokes online

Unsurprisingly, netizens widely mocked the product, with most of them sarcastically saying that they “loved” it.

One indicated that they would need a towel around their head as well, possibly to conceal their identity if they wear it in public.

Source: Instagram

More than one commenter said it would look nice with Crocs, the infamous footwear that also divides opinions.

Source: Instagram

Though they’re now open only for pre-orders, one netizen joked that their dad already wears the towel skirt at home daily.

Source: Instagram

IKEA creates own version of clothing

Of course, furniture store IKEA, famous for their cheeky ads, couldn’t resist taking a potshot at the Balenciaga Towel Skirt.

On the Instagram account of their United Kingdom (UK) branch, they recreated Balenciaga’s look almost piece-by-piece down to the model’s pose, with a ‘towel skirt’ of their own.

Source: @ikeauk on Instagram

Cleverly, they also took the opportunity to plug their own VINARN towel, which is available for £16 (S$26.76).

In IKEA Singapore, VINARN costs just S$12.50 — exactly 100 times cheaper than Balenciaga’s Towel Skirt.

While it’s up to the individual what they prefer, we know which item ordinary folks would rather spend their hard-earned cash on.

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Featured image adapted from Balenciaga Singapore and @ikeauk on Instagram.

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