Biker Violently Crashes Into Car At Orchard Road, Walks Away Just Fine

Biker Had Run The Red Light At Paterson Road

Even if you’re a garang sort of guy, we’d still recommend you don’t try this at home.


A motorcyclist who got into a serious accident at the junction of “Paterson Road turning into Orchard Road” apparently tried to walk off his injuries in a viral video posted by ROADS.SG on Monday (10 Dec).

Here’s the video in full. We summarise it after the jump.

In front of Prive

A compilation of dashcam videos depicted the series of events leading up to the horrific accident on Tuesday (4 Dec).

As the first car is parked obediently at the crossroads of a major junction near Privé at Orchard, a motorcycle appears to speed up from behind despite the red light.


As the biker passes what is described as a “White Seat Toledo”, in a “wet road situation”, he narrowly misses T-boning the car directly.


He also somehow manages to avoid getting hit by other incoming traffic, in a narrow brush with a potentially deadly situation.

Tries to walk it off

The motorcyclist then sits stunned at the junction on the road for half a minute.


Before picking himself off the sidewalk and calmly proceeding to the pavement to await assistance from the authorities.


This was the aftermath of the accident. As you can clearly tell from the wreckage, this was a narrow escape for the motorcyclist indeed.


Netizens were not impressed

Shocked netizens were mostly unsympathetic to the motorcyclist’s plight in the comments section.


They believed the biker shouldn’t have been speeding at a junction, especially when the traffic lights were already red.


Others felt that the blame should be shared, as the car had been speeding too.


Most agreed that this was a “lesson well learnt” for drivers involved, and were thankful that no one was seriously injured in the accident.

Drive safely please

As the festive season approaches, we expect traffic situations to become even more complex to navigate.

But if all of us do our part to stick to the rules, we’ll definitely be able to avoid situations like this altogether.

Featured image from ROADS.SG on Facebook.

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