Bishan Condo Management Explains Wheel-Clamp Decision, Highlights Inconsistencies In Delivery Rider’s Story

Grab Delivery Rider Whose Vehicle Was Clamped Had Parked Illegally, Says Bishan Condo Management

On 20 Dec, a Grab delivery rider got his vehicle clamped after he parked in an illegal spot at a Bishan condo.

Grab Delivery Rider Has Motorbike Wheel Clamped At Bishan Condo, Loses 1 Day Of Earnings

As he had to pay a S$214 fine for it to be unlocked, he claimed that he’d lost a day’s worth of earnings. The bitter pill was even harder to swallow as it was reportedly raining heavily that day, resulting in him having to park illegally for shelter.

However, the condo management of Sky Vue condominium in Bishan has refuted the rider’s story and said his account has inconsistencies in them, according to a statement published on 27 Dec.

For example, “no heavy rain was in sight” at the time the driver came to the estate.

The management also said that the carpark basement is available on rainy occasions, and that they have no power to waive administrative fees.

Bishan condo management issue statement regarding Grab delivery rider incident

On 20 Dec, the Grab rider entered Sky Vue condominium in Bishan at 6.45pm.

“No heavy rain was in sight,” said strata residential manager Tng Leong Wai on behalf of the Management Corporation Strata Plan No. 4475.

Mr Tng noted that security would direct all delivery riders to either park at the designated Rider Parking Area or the carpark basement in the case of rainy weather.

However, security guards have said that all riders would choose to park at the rider parking area for a variety of reasons, including convenience and the need to deliver quickly, regardless of the weather.

Captured on CCTV footage was the rider being told where he is authorised to park. Mr Tng added that the rider acknowledged this.

Source: Sky Vue

Additionally, pedestrians were able to walk without the need for shelter, indicating it was not raining heavily at the time.

However, the rider chose to park at the letterbox area at level 1, which obstructed pedestrian traffic. It was also not an authorised parking area and contained six “No Parking” signs.

Children were playing in the area nearby too.

Source: Sky Vue

After a concerned resident alerted security, the guard came over and clamped his vehicle when he did not spot the rider.

When the rider returned, he allegedly argued with the guard and refused to pay the S$214 administrative fee, but did so eventually.

Condo management had set up rider parking area

Mr Tng stressed that the management values all support service providers, including food and parcel delivery personnel.

As such, a dedicated Rider Parking Area was set up at level 1 so that they can make speedy deliveries. This was where the security guard had advised the rider to park.

There are also visitor lots at the basement carpark, which can be used in case of adverse weather conditions.

But parking in unauthorised areas within the estate can endanger residents as well as obstruct pedestrian access.

Source: Sky Vue

Meanwhile, the bylaw to clamp unauthorised parked vehicles has been in effect for four years to date.

It had also decided to charge S$200 before GST as an administrative fee.

The management has no ability to waive wheel clamp fees under the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act, said Mr Tng.

Rider claimed he parked illegally as parking area was unsheltered

Last week, the aggrieved rider had told Shin Min Daily News that he parked at the level 1 spot as the Rider Parking Area was unsheltered and he was delivering food in paper bags.

The food would have been affected if he parked there, he claimed, due to the rain.

Because the customer was at level one, he decided to park there and send it to them quickly.

However, the illegal parking was quickly detected and his vehicle was clamped, losing him a day’s earnings.

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