Man Sues PM Lee For Blood In Stools; Case Thrown Out Of Court Twice

Man Provided Photo Evidence Of Bloody Stools In Court, With Captions

Now this is something you don’t hear about everyday.

Someone actually sued Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (PM Lee) for giving him defecation problems — specifically, for finding blood in his stool.

In court, there’s no such thing as TMI

A recently released document by the court shows that this was just one of the many bizarre problems which Mr Cheong Wei Chang blamed PM Lee for.

What was even more ridiculous was that Mr Cheong sued the PM not just once, but twice.

Talk about persistence.

Of bloody stools & failed interviews

Mr Cheong first filed a lawsuit on 5 Feb 2018.

He sought remuneration from the PM for the ‘regulations of his activities’, and also for the PM to stop imposing said ‘regulations’ on him.


Mr Cheong also gave the reason that he had filed a lawsuit only because he was ignored by the PM’s office.

When someone blue-ticks you, take them to court

Then comes the interesting part.

Mr Cheong tendered two whole volumes of documents for the lawsuit, each comprising captioned pictures pertaining to a “variety of problems”.

The first, already mentioned, was the blood in his stool.

Not actually his poop

The second was a failed job interview at Citibank.

The last was a rejection of his application for legal aid.

How any of these can be linked to PM Lee baffles us

Curiously, the judge only highlighted 3 such problems in the man’s lengthy report. Now having bloody stools or failing job interviews is no laughing matter.

Rather, it’s the incredulity of his assertions – that busy PM Lee was taking time to deliberately interfere with the poor man’s life – that really got us chuckling.

The court seemed to agree on this point.


The Attorney-General (AG), who acted for PM Lee, also made another point — that the lawsuit should not have been directed at PM Lee, but at the Government.

Mr Lee wasn’t being sued in his “personal capacity”, but in his role as “Prime Minister and head of Government”.

Given the totality of the facts, the court found Mr Cheong’s lawsuit “frivolous” and struck it off.

Round two, fight!

Those who play arcade fighter games know that you only lose if you get beaten by the same opponent twice.


Mr Cheong definitely seems like someone who took video game wisdom a little too far.

On 9 May 2018, he filed a lawsuit again.

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Now, you’d expect someone who sues for a second time to go in with new material or evidence — something compelling enough to justify the ridiculous costs of litigation.

But not, Mr Cheong — he’s a believer of staying true to the original material.

That’s right, he brought all the same documents to court.

“Almost identical”

Two strikes & you’re out

To no one’s surprise, AG applied for a strike out again. Sure enough, the court acquiesced.

But this time, the court also added a restraining order which will prevent Mr Cheong from filing similar lawsuits.

Will Mr Cheong finally give up?

Who knows?

Perhaps when the restraint expires – if it ever does – Mr Cheong will jump right back into the fray.

After all, the court did conclude the case by remarking that Mr Cheong will be at liberty to file such suits again if “his incoherence is addressed”.

They further warned that if he persisted with his current tactic of senseless ‘gish gallop’, the AG will have to seek a “stronger remedy”.

On a lighter note, it wasn’t specified if the remedy was a cure for bloody stools or incoherence — or both.

Featured image from Supreme Court@SupremeDumps & Tin Tuc.

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