New BlueSG Opel Cars Available For Rental, Users Claim It’s Better Than Previous Model

Users Review First BlueSG Opel Corsa-e Cars Available From 27 Oct

Before the likes of Tesla arrived in Singapore, BlueSG cars were the more common electric vehicles here, with many folks using the service for its convenience. So when they announced the rollout of the Opel Corsa-e fleet of cars, users were understandably excited.

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Boasting a more sleek design and ample seating space, the car is no doubt an upgrade.

Users who managed to give it a go on its release day took to Facebook to share their experiences.

BlueSG Opel Corsa-e cars available at select stations

In a Facebook post on Thursday (27 Oct), BlueSG revealed that the new Corsa-e cars are already available at select stations.

Source: BlueSG on Facebook

Along with the post is a video showing how to begin rental for the car. According to BlueSG, rental prices are only at S$0.42 per minute for a limited period, though they did not disclose when the end date of the promo will be.

Since there are only 500 vehicles available, they’re encouraging users to make their bookings quickly.

Positive reviews from early users

Some users who were fast enough to be among the first to drive the Corsa-e had seemingly positive feedback.

Facebook user Mr Lim in particular shared a thorough review of his experience.

Source: Facebook

According to him, the Opel is “literally fresh outta the box” as it has clocked a significantly low mileage.

More importantly, he noted that turning corners with the Corsa-e is “a lot more stable” in comparison to the old BlueSG cars.

Within the vehicle, the aircon controls are the only analogue dials, with the rest being digital screens.

Source: Facebook

In terms of space, he reckons that the rear feels a lot more spacious, easily able to fit two to three passengers comfortably.

Another user concurred, claiming that the car is family-friendly, though leg room for rear passengers is still fairly limited.

Despite minor inconveniences like the electronic features being disabled and some issues with the charger, Mr Lim rated the overall experience as “pretty fun and decent”.

Take the new BlueSG car out for a drive if you can

If you’re keen to test the Opel Corsa-e, you might want to sign up for a BlueSG account and rent one soon, while the promo rates are ongoing.

You can find out more via the BlueSG website here.

Once you’ve booked your rental car, remember to drive safely and adhere to all traffic rules. Here’s hoping that the new model will be a more enjoyable ride for all.

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