Peek-A-Boob T-Shirts Can Help You Go From An A-Cup To A C-Cup

These Hilarious T-shirts Can Give Anyone Big Boobs

Ladies, let’s be honest. We’ve all had days when we wished our boobs were well-proportioned and sizeable.

But the perfect bra for that can be super expensive.

Who needs bras anyway when you can invest in a T-shirt that’s comfy and accentuates your chest? These peek-a-boob t-shirts will make anyone you walk past do a double-take.


We’ll tell you how to get your hands on the hilarious shirt, after a closer look at the available designs.

Realistic sneak peek

American movies always make flashing your boobs to strangers seem so liberating and exciting, you’re tempted to try too.


But you could get arrested for doing it here in Singapore. So giving strangers a sneak peek of a pair of fake boobs is probably the closest you can go.


Just make sure the shirt you choose doesn’t have a skin tone that differs wildly from the one on the t-shirt because that would look really odd.


If you’re lucky enough to find a design that matches your skin tone perfectly, it’ll be hard to tell if the boobs are real or fake.


Your parents can’t even chide you for wearing a revealing top, since it’s not even your own boobs that you’re exposing.

Make man boobs fashionable

Guys can join in the fun too instead of just staring. Make your guy friend or your bae walk the streets in this so they’ll know how hard it is to be on the receiving end of scrutiny.

But they probably won’t have any qualms if they can pull off the look with this much sass.


Get your best guy friend a peek-a-boob t-shirt to help him blend in with your gal pals on a girls’ night out.


Still cheaper than an actual boob job

The boobs may be fake but the T-shirts are very real and you can buy them online at either Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop or AliExpress.


It’s cheaper at S$56/piece on Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop but is currently out of stock so you might have to wait for the new supply.

Or if you’re willing to splurge on this limited edition design, buy the Peek-A-Boob T-shirts from AliExpress at S$136.58/piece.

You can even pick from six different bra colours when you order here, so you can get a piece each as a funny Christmas gift for your friends.

Getting a pair of fake boobs will never be as affordable and easy as this.

Featured image from Ali Express.

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