7 Halloween Costumes For Your Kids To Go Viral Like S-Hook Jie

Halloween Costumes For Singaporean Kids

Parents who love trolling your children, this one’s for you.

With Halloween less than 2 days away, you’ll probably be wondering how to help your child maximise their candy returns by winning ‘Best Dressed’ at their Halloween parties.

For their sake, not yours of course.

Here are some hilarious costume ideas you’d definitely love to try out on your not-so-willing kids.

1. Crazy Rich Asian kids

We predict that the Crazy Rich Asian fever isn’t about to die down just yet.


Parents – especially the high-SES ones – will definitely dress their children up as some of the iconic characters from the hit movie.

Or you know, simply bring their toddlers down in their everyday attire – gold-laced diapers – whichever is more convenient.

2. The Nun

Parents who love the classics would probably turn to this year’s breakout horror hit for inspiration.

We expect the titular character in The Nun to be a popular choice.


Of course, as the young version of the Nun, we’re sure your child will garner tons of laughs for rising to the spooky challenge.


For added impact, you should print out this 2-word horror story for them to put in their pocket:

3. Milk tea add pearls

2018 is undoubtedly a comeback year for bubble tea — with at least 17 different outlets offering everything from flavoured pearls to brown sugar milk.

Why not dress your kid up as your favourite drink too?

Just imagine how many adorable shots of their grumpy faces you’ll capture on your phone cameras. True fans of BBT won’t forget to dress their phones up too.

Realistic Bubble Tea Phone Covers Have Us Screaming Take Our Money

4. GE2019?

Now that exams for Primary 3 kids are cancelled, we’ve gotta spend our extra-curricular time on something else right?

Why not politics?

This will be a great way for parents to tout their political affiliations without being too low-key about it.

Your child will probably thank you in a few years’ time for securing their $100 SG Bonus.

5. 2 Dollar Guy

If your kids are talented at copying facial expressions, simply hand over a two-dollar note, add some purple face-paint, and they’ll be all set.

6. Lapras

Pokémon fans regardless of age, language or religion, rejoiced when Changi Jewel announced that they would host the first Pokémon Centre outside Japan.

Pokémon Centre To Open At Jewel Changi Airport In March 2019

What better way to ride the hype than to dress your kid up as Singapore’s official Pokémon mascot?

Lapras onesies available here for lazy parents! Pikachus & Celebis are sold separately.

7. S-hook jie

From an unknown Facebook live seller to a media sensation, Lerine Yeo is undoubtedly 2018’s breakout social media star.


For parents who wish to steal her look for your children, we’d advise you to make the following modifications:

Happy trick or treating!

2018 will definitely be a great one for the history books. We also hope that you’ll have plenty of fun trick-or-treating with your family this year.

Meanwhile, we’ll be trying to turn this bus bench into a costume too.

Do you have other witty ideas for Halloween costumes? Tag us in the comments below with your entries.

Featured image from Facebook and MustShareNews.

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