Watch Movies, Football Matches On Terminal 3’s New Giant Screen

Screen Will Be At T3’s New Atrium

Changi Airport may have retained the title of best in the world for 6 years running, but that doesn’t mean it’s slowing things down.

The group has just announced that a new atrium will be built at Terminal 3’s Basement 2. The space is currently unused.

The Straits Times reports that the new atrium will be ready by Christmas this year.

As part of the enhancements, more than 10 new shops and food outlets will be added to T3's Basement 2 which already has about 50 retail and service, as well as food and beverage outlets.Source: Changi Airport Group via The Straits Times

The atrium will serve as a space for family and friends to gather for events and performances which Changi Airport will be “specially curating“.

There will also be a huge ultra high-definition screen where patrons can enjoy movie screenings and watch football matches.

The atrium will be big enough to hold 200 people, so you won’t have to worry about jostling for space all the time.

More stalls and an art-themed garden

The atrium won’t be the only new thing you can visit at T3.

By March next year, a host of new food shops will be added to the current 50 or so.

Related imageSource

They include Hokkaido Paradise, Coffee Boy, Saap Saap Thai, and many more delicious delights!

As for nature lovers, Basement 1 will feature a new garden.

The airport is already host to numerous gardens such as the Sunflower Garden and Butterfly Garden.

Image result for butterfly garden changiChangi Butterfly Garden at T3

The Group has not released any further details or pictures of the new garden, so do keep a look out.

As for Changi Airport enthusiasts, you can be sure that your Christmas won’t be an uneventful one.

With T1 getting a whole new mall, Jewel Changi Airport, it seems only fair that T3 gets a little something for itself as well.

Featured image from Changi Airport Group via The Straits Times.

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