S’pore Book Fair Lets You Trade-In Books, Get New Titles For Those You Found During Spring Cleaning

Thryft Book Fair On 6 & 7 Mar Lets You Trade-In Pre-Loved Books For ‘New’ Ones

Chinese New Year (CNY) is just days away, and many of us have already started spring cleaning our messy rooms.

If you somehow managed to stumble upon old books that you’ve finished reading while Marie Kondo-ing, here’s an event that allows you to exchange them for ‘new’ ones instead of just dumping them away.

On Monday (8 Feb), Thryft bookstore – located in Tiong Bahru – announced that they will be holding a book fair on 6 and 7 Mar.

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The fair will feature over 2,000 books for avid readers to pick and choose from.


Plus, true to their efforts to go green, customers can even trade-in pre-loved books for ‘new’ ones at the event.

Trade-in books at book fair for credit

Thryft’s book fair on the weekend of 6 Mar is no ordinary one.

As Singapore’s first sustainable bookstore, Thryft allows customers to trade-in books and use them as credits for payment.

However, the books will be processed after the event so you can only use the credits at the next book fair.


Though customers won’t be able to enjoy instant gratification, the system will certainly help maintain their reading habits by making them come back for more.

Over 2,000 titles available

Moving forward, Thryft is looking to hold a book fair every month.

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As such, customers can trust that the trade-in system is a sustainable way of reading, allowing readers to exchange their pre-loved books for ‘new’ ones.

Thryft rotates their collection every book fair, so rest assured that there’ll always be fresh books to look out for.

Book fair trade-inSource

Over 2,000 titles across different genres will be available at the book fair. Customers can even find some vintage classics if they’re lucky.

In addition, the pre-loved books are specially curated by the Thryft team so there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Get a ticket for the event

If you’re thinking of heading down, you will need to get a ticket due to the current safe distancing measures.

Limited slots are available so sign up soon here.

Here are the details on where and when the fair will be happening:

Thryft Book Store
102 Henderson Rd, Sprout Hub, Singapore 159562
Dates: 6-7 March
Opening hours:
Nearest MRT: Redhill Station

You can find out more about the events here.

Great way to read sustainably

Thryft book fairs certainly provide a great way to read sustainably.

So if you found some books that you’d like to ‘clear’ during your recent Spring Cleaning, visit the book fair so you can exchange them for ‘new’ ones that you’ve not read!

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Featured image adapted from Thryft.

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