Illegal Breeder Keeps 19 Dogs At S’pore Terrace Home & Sells 1 Puppy, Fined S$9,000

Illegal Breeder Artificially Inseminates Dog & Sells One Puppy

In Feb 2022, NParks removed 19 dogs from an illegal breeder and his wife, who had also sold off one puppy.

NParks officers had inspected Goh Chong Tse and his wife’s terrace on Parry Road in Serangoon Gardens after receiving a tip-off on the matter.

Now, over a year later, Goh has been fined S$9,000 for multiple offences under the Animals and Birds (Dog Licensing and Control) Rules.

Illegal breeder keeps 19 dogs & sells 1 puppy

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), the couple lived at 11 Seletar Road from 2019 to Sep 2021.

Between 2019 and July 2020, they owned two corgis and two shiba inus. The dogs were named Nutella and Waffles and Milktea and Pudding respectively.

Nutella and Milktea were purchased from a licensed pet kennel, Pudding was purchased from a seller on Gumtree, and Waffle was a stray that Goh’s wife allegedly found and brought home. Goh registered Waffles’ licence under his name.

Image courtesy of NParks

In Dec 2020, God met another pet owner, Jermaine Ang.

The two decided to sire Waffles with Ang’s male breeding dog through artificial insemination.

Ang agreed to pay for the procedure, and additionally agreed to bear 30% of the overall costs. In return, she could keep one puppy from the litter.

Waffles later gave birth to six puppies.

Of the six dogs, one went to Ang, four were kept by the couple, while the last puppy was sold for S$9,500.

NParks seized 19 dogs from home during operation

CNA reported that NParks inspected Goh and his wife’s new place, a terrace house along Parry Road, on 2 Feb 2022.

During their search, officers seized 19 dogs, most of which were corgis.

Image courtesy of NParks

Most of the puppies were not in good condition, exhibiting discharge, tear staining and poor dental health.

Many were also apparently filthy with faeces and suffered gingivitis.

Officers also discovered that Goh did not hold valid licences for three of his dogs.

In court, he pleaded guilty to five charges, including:

  • Maintaining his home as a farm without a licence by breeding his dog with another dog
  • Owning dogs without licences
  • Keeping more than three dogs in a place that is not a licensed dog farm or pet shop

The court considered seven other charges during sentencing.

The prosecutor asked the court to issue a S$9,400 fine.

Dogs allegedly a source of comfort for man

Goh’s defence lawyer asked for a lower fine of S$6,000 instead, noting that his client lost his private airport transfer chauffeur job during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result, he has had to turn to various jobs like delivery work and being a Covid-19 swabber to make ends meet. His wife is apparently a homemaker.

The lawyer added that Goh and his wife’s actions were driven by “deep love and affection for his dogs”, explaining that his client sought solace in his pets as he had a history of anxiety.

Revealing that Goh’s wife engaged in self-harm following the confiscation of their dogs, the lawyer also claimed that the incident had an adverse impact on the couple.

In consideration of these factors, the judge decided on a S$9,000 fine, which Goh can fulfil in instalments.

If you witness any animal abuse or irresponsible pet ownership, do report your sighting via this form.

Alternatively, for more urgent animal-related matters, you may contact NParks’ Animal Response Centre at 1800-476 1600.

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