Bukit Merah Food Centre’s Cheap Bubble Tea & Handsome Oppa Draw Thirsty Crowds

Handsome Oppa Sells Cheap Bubble Tea At Bukit Merah Hawker Centre

The recent hot weather makes every cold drink imaginable seem delicious, especially bubble tea. Pair that with a handsome man and you’ll have two tall drinks of water to quench your thirst.

Beautea, a bubble tea stall at ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre in Bukit Merah, offers you both of those at low costs.


If you can brave the snaking queue, the cheap prices and eye candy are totally worth it.

Bubble tea for as low as $1.60 in Bukit Merah

Those who think 1-for-1 bubble tea promos are the cheapest they can go for the sweet treat haven’t tried this heartland gem.

With earl grey milk tea on sale from $1.60, this stall is a good option for days you’re low on cash. They even have the hot favourite brown sugar pearl fresh milk for only $2.50, which is about half the price at any popular chain.


There are many other unique flavours on the menu, like Dirty Mango Fresh Milk, which contains fresh milk, mango purée, fresh honey mango chunks and mango syrup.

Dirty Mango Fresh Milk (Medium) for $2.50

The Cheese Taro Latte meanwhile is a smooth blend of the creamiest concoction that results in a pretty purple drink.

Cheese Taro Latte (Medium) for $3.00

All the drinks cost well below $5, so you won’t feel bad at all about indulging in everybody’s guilty pleasure. Drinks are available in medium, large and hot versions, so you can easily have them your way.

Handsome oppa brews and sells bubble tea

If the tantalising flavours haven’t got you salivating enough, perhaps the handsome oppa selling the drinks will catch your attention.


Dubbed the “Song Joong Ki Lookalike” by 8 Days magazine, owner Mr Zhou Zhen Yang, 25, keeps the sweetness of his stall at 100%.


Anyone would melt at the sight of that charming smile. The Singapore PR quit his polytechnic studies to start the business, because he wants to “retire early”.

He learnt how to make bubble tea in Shenzhen, China, from a friend who runs a business there. Seeing that there are few to no bubble tea stalls in hawker centres, Mr Zhou thought it was a good idea to set up one.

Working around the clock and making hundreds of cups of bubble tea has proven to be fruitful, as Mr Zhou claims that sales are going smoothly.

Open from morning till night

Those curious to get a taste of Beautea’s drinks and a glimpse of its equally yummy owner can refer to the following details:

Address: #01-43 ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre, 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 150006
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday, 11am-3pm & 5pm-9pm
Nearest MRT station: Redhill

Save yourself from the heat and from splurging too much by having bubble tea from this heartland food stall.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and 8 Days.

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