Bukit Timah House Has Helicopter On Its Roof, Looks Like A Beverly Hills Pad

Bukit Timah House Is Home To Dinosaurs & A Yellow Helicopter

Beverly Hills’ reputation as the prime location for the wealthy to flaunt their riches stretches beyond the mountainous area in Los Angeles.

Apparently, we can witness such eccentric indulgences right here in Singapore too. Take this house in Bukit Timah for example.

The bungalow hides discreetly among thick foliage, but that’s where the secrecy ends. Fronting the home is a cliff installation, atop which a model dinosaur stands, watching over any potential visitors.


If you think this looks like a wild fantasy come true, wait till you see the helicopter perched on the house’s roof.

Helicopter house is along Astrid Hill in Bukit Timah

According to the comments in this Facebook post, this Jurassic-Park-inspired, helicopter-holding bungalow is on Astrid Hill, in the atas Bukit Timah area.


More specifically, you can find it at Queen Astrid Park, which is one of Singapore’s 39 Good Class Bungalow (GCB) areas. Nestled in an enclave with only 3 other neighbours, we can imagine how serene life there must be.

Front gates look like a set from Jurassic Park

The front gates of the home are actually designed to look like cliffs that would not look out of place on a Jurassic Park set.


Keen-eyed folks would also be able to spot the yellow helicopter parked on the roof of the home, with its propellers piercing the sky.


According to this Facebook post, the helicopter is a Robinson R44, a 4-seater gasoline helicopter that likely cost the owner a hefty sum.


A pretty penny for a decorative piece since strict laws in Singapore makes flying across Bukit Timah for supper a fanciful dream.

Apparently, one would need to file a flight plan to take off, but parking the vehicle in your compound is fine. Makes us wonder how the helicopter got there in the first place.

A fanciful dream come true for the homeowner

Although little is known about the private property, guessing the identity of the person behind the zany home makes for a fun time.

Are they Jurassic Park fans? Or are they the most prepared people in Singapore when a zombie apocalypse hits? Who knows what the motivations behind their design decisions are but the home surely makes for a cool sight.

And if the dinosaurs in their backyard miraculously come to light, à la Night In The Museum, their getaway plan is already perched on the roof.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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