Accident At Chai Chee Street Involves SBS Bus & Sembcorp Garbage Truck

When driving on the road, it’s best to remain 100% focused and vigilant for the sake of everyone’s safety. Unfortunately, accidents continue to occur amid the hustle and bustle of our garden city.

On the morning of Monday (26 Oct), an accident occurred between 2 heavy vehicles — a bus and a truck.

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The accident occurred at a junction at Chai Chee Street. Due to this, several other bus services had to be diverted to accommodate the unexpected change.

SBS bus & Sembcorp truck collide at Chai Chee

At around 7.15am on Monday (26 Oct), a head-on collision occurred between an SBS Transit bus and Sembcorp truck at Chai Chee.

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Debris from the vehicles could be seen on the road.

The accident appears to have happened as the truck was making a discretionary right turn at the junction.

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Soon after, an ambulance was seen on site.

6 people sent to Changi General Hospital

According to Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), they were alerted to the accident at about 7.33am at the traffic junction between Chai Chee Road and Chai Chee Street.


2 lanes of the junction were blocked by the collision and vehicles were seen having to carefully manoeuvre past.

SCDF added that they sent 6 people to Changi General Hospital.

Bus 229 was diverted away from accident site

As a result of the accident, the junction was blocked and bus services had to be diverted away.

At 8.10am, SG Alerts Facebook group announced that the bus 229 service would be re-routed.


The SBS feeder bus had to skip 3 bus stops right before Bedok interchange due to the accident.

Hope those involved have a speedy recovery

We hope those involved in the accident are safe and have a speedy recovery.

Recently, many accidents have occurred at discretionary right turns at junctions. These junctions could be very dangerous, for both drivers and pedestrians alike.

Motorists should be extra vigilant and patient when making these turns.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.