Fort Canning Carpark Group Workout Takes Up Half The Spaces, Even Dog Looks Puzzled

After spending an extended time at home during the ‘Circuit Breaker’, many of us may have missed having group workouts in the great outdoors.

Now that Singapore’s gradually reopening, at least one group has resumed their workout sessions — though their idea of the great outdoors seems to be a public carpark.

On Wednesday (9 Sep), a driver entering an open-air carpark near Fort Canning Park was greeted by the sight of the group mid-exercise, and was left stumped.

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Catch the whole video here:

Motorist blocked by group workout

The video, which was posted on YouTube by SG Road Vigilante, showed the mass workout occupying what seems like half the parking spaces in the rather small carpark.

The fitness junkies were seen participating in a variety of exercises like bicycle crunches and knee drives.

Furthermore, a variety of items such as water bottles and towels were strewn on the road next to them.

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Most amusingly, a dog was also standing in the middle of the carpark, watching the humans’ antics.

Whether or not it’s owned by any of the fitspo devotees, it looks visibly confused by the sight of the mass workout.

Puzzled dog looking at group workoutSource

Netizens puzzled by choice of workout location

Netizens who viewed the video took to the comments section to express puzzlement at the choice of location for the group workout.

A commenter voiced concern over the legality of turning a carpark into a workout space.

Legality comment


Another netizen praised the group for spacing out, allocating each person to a parking space — perhaps they were practising safe distancing?

Parking lot commentSource

Yet another commenter joked that they may be killing 2 birds with 1 stone — “choping” parking spaces while exercising at the same time.

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However, a frequent visitor to the carpark has said that such workouts have been occurring there for many years.

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The right place for fitness?

The group seem to be very fitness-driven, and must be glad that park facilities have reopened so they can fulfill their fitspo motivations.

Perhaps they felt the carpark was the best place to work out, but there’s also the danger of being run over by a car whose driver didn’t keep a proper lookout.

Also, they may be depriving drivers who need to use the carpark for its actual purpose — parking their cars.

MS News has reached out to the Urban Redevelopment Authority over the matter, and will update readers when it responds.

Do you think the group should be working out in the carpark? Do share your thoughts with us.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.