Monkeys Lepak At Woodlands HDB, Resident Asks If They Have SafeEntry

Let's get down to monkey business.

Litter Strewn Over Walkways In 7th Month Aftermath, Residents Urged To Keep Clean

Plastic bags & wrappers found scattered everywhere.

Newton Temperature Reaches 21°C At 4AM, If Only We Were Awake To Enjoy...

Could be the lowest temperature in recent history.

Bukit Timah Canal Fills Up After Torrential Rainfall In West & Central S’pore

Bukit Timah canal water level reached 90%.

New Tuas Mega Plant Will Power S’pore With More Electricity & Drinking Water, To...

Will boost PUB's NEWater production capabilities.

Elephant Calf Gets Into Fatal Road Accident In JB, Devastated Mother Refuses To Leave...

The heart-wrenching video captures a mother's auguish.

S’pore ‘Sakura’ Season Sees Trumpet Flowers In Full Bloom, Promising A Beautiful September

Trumpet flowers are Singapore's version of cherry blossoms.


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