PM Lee Says Elections Can Be Held If Covid-19 Settles Down In 6 Months,...

The problems of holding an election during the outbreak are "solvable problems".

80% Of S’poreans Polled Want General Election Held Later Rather Than Earlier, We Ask...

Most Singaporeans don't want to think about it right now.

New Sengkang GRC Swallows 2 SMCs In Latest Electoral Boundary Changes, 6-Member GRCs Gone

We're on the road to the next general election.

Reducing Foreign Worker Quota Will Protect Local Jobs: Minister Chee Hong Tat

Is this an indication that elections are just around the corner?

Chee Soon Juan Promises SDP Will Be A Bigger Threat In Next Elections

Get ready for a dramatic election y'all.

Ong Ye Kung Reportedly Out Of Race For Next PM

Another one bites the dust.

PAP Executive Committee Line-Up Sheds Light On Next Gen Leadership

At 66 years old, PM Lee Hsien Loong will be the eldest member on the committee.

7 Opposition Parties May Form Coalition Led By Ex-Presidential Hopeful Tan Cheng Bock

Former PAP MP Tan Cheng Bock Says He Won't Mind Fronting Opposition Coalition If Everyone Goes In As A Team Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) is spearheading ambitious plans to form a coalition led by former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock, aged 78 this year. Source In a move that will inevitably draw...

Tender Moments In Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Dr Mahathir’s Enduring Bromance

Despite Their Differences, The Duo Shared A Relationship Based On Mutual Respect In the 1980s, Singapore and Malaysia were fast-growing economies led by strong, decisive men. On this side of the Causeway, it was founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and on the other side, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia's fourth PM. Both men...


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