Taiwanese Man Gets Diabetes After Drinking Super Sweet Coffee For 730 Days To Woo...

Should've gone for kopi C kosong instead.

Drones Flying At Changi Airport Caused 37 Flight Delays In 10 Hours, Investigations Ongoing

Please don't fly your drones at restricted areas.

Qatar Airways Wins World’s Best Airline, Singapore Airlines Wins Best Cabin Crew

But SIA is still the best in our hearts.

NOVELA Beauty Fair Has Up To 80% Off Chanel, Dior & SK-II Products Till...

There's lots in store for beauty junkies out there.

MFA Warns Of Phone Scam That Disguises Caller ID As MFA Hotline

Just be 'kiasu' with your money and information.

M’sian Man’s Phone Explodes On His Chest After He Leaves It To Charge In...

This is why you shouldn't charge your phone in bed, folks.

Hong Kong Protesters Give Way To Ambulance, Show The World How To Protest With...

Praise be to you, Hong Kong citizens.

China Allegedly Launched Cyberattacks On Telegram To Disrupt HK Protests

DDoS attacks come at the time of the protest. Coincidence? Probably not.


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