Cross Island MRT Line Gets You From Punggol To Pasir Ris In 15 Min,...

Singapore's latest MRT line to open by 2029.

Platinium Dogs Club Drama Intensifies With Car Accident, More Deaths & Missing Dogs

Elaine is searching for her Shetland Sheepdog, after 3 mysterious cremations were uncovered.

Gangs And Secret Societies Are Well And Alive In Singapore

Think Gangs Are A Thing Of The Past? Think Again For many of us, gangs and secret societies don't fit into our vision of modern Singapore. Like bell-bottoms and disco, they seem more relevant in the 1960s and 1970s than they do today. But the recent arrests of 2 policemen for gang-related...

Miss Universe Singapore Photoshop Battle Is The Most Hilarious Thing You’ll See Today

Can't tell the original from the Photoshopped.

Legend Of Hao Lan Reunites 9 Yanxi Palace Actors & It’s Showing In S’pore...

To siam questions from kaypoh aunties, tell them about this show.

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Want Want Hot Kid Milk Now Comes With Milk Biscuit Pearls In Taiwan

Crunchy milk biscuit pearls.



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