Cross Island MRT Line Gets You From Punggol To Pasir Ris In 15 Min,...

Singapore's latest MRT line to open by 2029.

Crazy Cheap $29 Birkenstocks At Harbourfront Centre Till 20 Jan 2019

Buy 4 pairs still got $13 to spare.

Hundreds Of BTS Tickets Bought By Scalpers, Resold For Up To $12,888

#LOVEYOURSELF, but love your wallet also please.

10 Most Unbelievable Crimes That Happened In Singapore

Unbelievable Crimes In Singapore When thinking of Singapore, atrocious crimes do not come to mind. But you'd be surprised to know that Singapore has had its fair share of outrageous crimes that devastated the entire nation. While most of these crimes ended in murder, a few of them were unbelievable for other...

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd Owner Embroiled In Family Dispute With His Son Over Logo...

Maybe blood isn't thicker than tau huay.

S’pore Employer Offers Job To M’sia Beer Promoter Abused In Viral Video

Woah, this girl's IQ and EQ both through the roof!

10 Cases Of People Who Have Gone Missing In Singapore

People Who Have Gone Missing In Singapore We've taken a look at unbelievable crimes that happened in Singapore, leading us to explore other tragedies that have taken place here. One would think that on such a small island, people would not vanish without a trace. Sadly, some of these disappearances ended in...



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