M’sian Studio Dedicates Hilarious ‘Year Of The Babi’ Video To Rude People

Let's never be double mother-parkers.

Two Secondary School Students Light Cigarette And Smoke In Classroom In Front Of Teacher

Students Smoke In Classroom For All To See, Including The Teacher A video on Facebook is going viral showing two students smoking in class and in full view of a teacher who didn’t seem to care. The boy sat at the back of the classroom - as the ‘cool’ kids...

Consultant Attributes CFC Pang’s Death To Howitzer’s Design Flaws, Faces Netizen Backlash

They felt he was "unqualified" to pass judgement.

Elaine Jasmine’s Spat With Business Owners Is The Latest Influencer Drama

Elaine Jasmine Accused Of Accepting Jewellery & Money, Only To MIA For "3-4 Weeks" By Brand Founder A shot heard around the influencer world was fired on Friday (13 Apr) by a jewellery brand owner named Trixie Khong. She wrote an exposé about popular influencer Elaine Jasmine (@xelainejasmine), fresh-faced star of the new...

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Naomi Neo [SM Spotlight 01]

You may know her name, but how much do you know about her? SM Spotlight is a new MustShareNews series where we put the spotlight on popular social media celebrities in Singapore. Following reports on Tan Jian Hao and his six figure annual income, we divert the lime light to his equally successful...



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