This Redhill Stall Has $0.54 Chicken Rice For S’poreans Aged 54 & Above On...

Free chicken rice for the first 1000 customer aged above 54.

Photo Of Bedok Void Deck ‘With Metal Bars’ Was Taken From A Misleading Angle

There's another 'angle' to every story.

S’porean Man Directs Girls To Handicap Toilet, Then Tries To Unlock Door With 20...

Please be wary of your surroundings.

2 Tourists Liked Changi Airport So Much They Stayed For 4 Days

The goal was to stay in Changi Airport for 72 hours to see if anyone noticed.

This Singaporean Hokkien Word List Helps You Follow Every Jack Neo Movie Created

Limpeh's guide to swearing in Hokkien.


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