Influencer Melissa Koh Reveals Her Pregnancy In Joyful Instagram Post

Melissa's kid will share a zodiac sign with Ms Han Hui Hui's child.

SgJCbabes Instagram Page Is Much More Disturbing Than SgInstababes

Okay, what's next -- Sgbabybabes?

Twitter Officially Opens Its Gorgeous Singapore HQ

Lucasfilm first, and now Twitter; who's going to be next? It might be common knowledge that Lucasfilm has an office in Singapore. Yup, the same Lucasfilm that produces movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones. That made for some bragging rights; but now, Singapore can add one more to that growing list. Enter...

Confusion Clears Over Which Singapore-Based Woman Facebook Co-Founder Eduardo Saverin Is Marrying

Facebook co-founder set to marry Singapore-based Elaine Andriejanssen Sorry ladies, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin is set to change his relationship status to married. The 33-year-old billionaire who lives in Singapore is tying the knot with Singapore-based Elaine Andriejanssen next month, according to media reports. The marriage will take place in France....

9 Times Singaporeans Spoke Up Through Change.Org Petitions And Made A Difference

Singaporeans Who Made A Difference By Asking Other People To Click A Button With the onset of social media, anyone can initiate change on anything they care about on websites such as The effects of the petitions hosted on the site have ranged from frivolous to far-reaching. For example, has...

10 Best Celebrity Hari Raya Pick Up Lines That Will Make You Laugh

Memes of Hari Raya pick up lines got viral on Twitter  Muslims around the world have been celebrating Hari Raya since last Friday (17 July) to mark the end of Ramadan. This is just the beginning of Hari Raya as the festivities last for an entire month of visiting family,...

These Cute Crochet Dolls Will Be Hidden Around Singapore For You To Find

A crocheted Totoro to call your own.

Young Male Students Allegedly Trash Classroom Amidst Laughs And Screams In Senseless Viral Video

Male Students Who Trashed Classroom Allegedly From ACS Barker According To Netizens Amidst all the efforts to create an opportunity for world peace, a senseless classroom battle allegedly featuring Singaporeans students has emerged on social media. Source In a shocking 54-sec video, approximately 15 male students are depicted "wrecking" a classroom, without...

Tan Chuan-Jin Is Latest PAP Politician To Call In Sick

Manpower Minister is 4th to fall ill in two months MustShareNews has discovered a disturbing phenomenon: PAP politicians are dropping like flies. 2015 has barely gotten its game going; we've only just started in March. Yet, four politicians have had issues with their health in this short time period. We wonder...

This Picture Makes Us Very Sad. We Want To Know What Happens Next

In Sentosa, A Pink Dolphin Suffers From Skin Cancer // Post by Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page (official). Investigators from Wildlife Watcher and Sea Shepherd Singapore went to Underwater World to conduct an investigation of the treatment of dolphins. They attended two shows in July and August. After which, they detailed their findings...



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