Community Care Facility Staff Tells Everyone They’re Doing Their Best, Speaks Up About Struggles

Staff Dispels Misconceptions About Community Care Facilities & Seeks Understanding

Given the rise in Covid-19 cases, community care facilities (CCF) have been receiving a high number of positive patients to be quarantined at their premises.

Unfortunately, some have raised concerns about the condition of the facilities and the quality of care given to Covid-19 patients.

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Seeing this, a staff working at a CCF reached out to MS News in hope of dispelling some misconceptions about the facilities.

He shared that Covid-19 patients do receive proper care at CCFs.

With caseloads surging in Singapore, he seeks the public’s understanding that staff are being stretched thin, but are doing their best.

Patients receive adequate care

The staff, who prefers to remain anonymous, works at a CCF dedicated to Work Permit holders and domestic workers.

He tells MS News that while there is a difference in the type of facilities across CCFs, all staff are working hard to provide adequate care for all Covid-19 patients.

These facilities are structured and built for patients requiring minimal medical care.


Nonetheless, there is always an on-site medical team available to render support and help if needed.

The staff acknowledges that everyone hopes to have a comfortable and conducive environment to recover in.

However, he continues that there is a limited number of such spaces in Singapore to house patients.

Staff always on the move during 12-hour shifts

While much recognition has been accorded to frontline workers in hospitals, those working in CCFs may have been sidelined.

Concerning the staff-to-patients ratio, work at CCFs for staff is just as hectic than at hospitals, if not more so.

CCF staff understandingSource

Staff at CCFs also struggle to juggle their workload with cases mounting and more patients arriving at the facilities.

After all, the staff said CCFs also operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Everyone grapples with pandemic fatigue, and so do the staff. They also face difficulties in having to quickly adjust to constant changes by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and now, complaints by the public.

The reality of the life of a CCF staff is one of 12-hour shifts where they are always working and always on the move.

They also have to endure long durations of travel as CCFs are usually located at ulu places.

The staff shares that it is challenging work that takes mental grit and resilience.

Seeks public’s understanding that CCF staff are doing their best

The staff said they do not need recognition, but he hopes that members of the public can understand that everyone is doing their best.

While it is easy to point fingers and find fault, he said such complaints do not help anyone.

CCF staff are probably more aware of the shortcomings of these facilities than anybody else. They, too, are fighting, every day, to improve things for the better.

The staff added that MOH is also swamped with resolving countless issues, and such changes require time, patience, and resources from the public.

Above all, he hopes the public understands that CCF staff are real people, often put in a tough spot between regulations and the public’s expectations.

Be considerate towards frontline workers

After hearing both sides of the story, we can concur that there are area of improvements for CCFs.

Nonetheless, as we give feedback to these organisations and staff, remember that everyone is doing their best.

After all, the physical and emotional energy needed to be a frontline worker is immense. Be it working at a CCF or a hospital, they deserve appreciation and respect for all they do.

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Featured image adapted from Ministry of Health on Facebook and Ong Ye Kung on Facebook.

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