‘My partner and I have no future in Malaysia’: Woman laments restrictions over her multiracial relationship

Woman from M’sia laments strict restrictions & challenges over multiracial relationship

A woman took to Reddit recently to share her feelings about the restrictions and challenges that she faces in Malaysia over her multiracial relationship.

In her post, the woman weighs multiple options for her and her partner’s future, ultimately concluding that her love requires great sacrifices.

A multiracial relationship that began with clear boundaries

Seeking people with similar experiences and just to get things off her chest, one Redditor shared her experience about the difficulties of multiracial relationships in Malaysia.

Her romance was a slow burn, with the relationship gradually developing throughout a two-year friendship during university.

Even at the beginning, they both set clear expectations for their relationship.

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“I was upfront and clear about never wanting to convert my religion,” said the Redditer in the post. She’s a Chinese non-Muslim woman, while he’s a Malay Muslim man.

In return, he did express that he loved her for who she was and would not force her to convert.

In Malaysia, the expectation is for the non-Muslim to convert when they get married.

Despite knowing that the relationship might not last, they began casually seeing each other. That casual dating turned into a serious relationship of two years, with marriage and children a real consideration for them.

“I’ve never been so sure of a man and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. And he has told me the same,” she said.

Woman sees bleak future for her relationship in Malaysia

But whenever serious consideration is put to either marriage or children, the woman doesn’t see much hope. She would “end up crying” the first few times they thought about it.

In Malaysia, legal marriage is not possible for them without her converting. And without marriage, children aren’t an option either, she said in her post.

They weighed options for their future, all of which required great sacrifices.

One of it is eloping and building a life overseas, but it would also mean leaving behind their live in Malaysia and their friends and family.

“Another option we have is to just continue dating forever, but in our hearts and souls, we’ll be committed and intertwined with each other forever,” she wrote.

This means she will “never have the big day of my dreams”, and the couple will never have children, big moments in life that are important for most relationships.

But at least they would be able to save lots of money and spoil each other as they please, she added humourously.

Whatever the case, the Redditor said that this is a decision they don’t have to make now.

For the moment, their focus is to just enjoy each other the best they can, she said.

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