4 Teens Kick & Slap 15-Year-Old Girl In Changi Chalet Fight, Police Investigating Incident

4 Girls Attack 15-Year-Old Girl At Changi Chalet While Crowd Cheers

Teen drama can lead to some rather questionable decisions. At a chalet in Changi, four female teens got into a fight with a 15-year-old girl, surrounding and attacking her.

They yelled vulgarities at their target and yanked her hair. At points, they also attacked her with slaps and kicks.

A crowd of bystanders gathered around them filming, many yelling at them to start fighting.

Police reported that they were investigating the altercation, with the four young women involved assisting.

Fight breaks out among teens at Changi chalet

Two separate videos captured the incident, which took place at a Civil Service Club (CSC) chalet along Leuchars Road in Changi.

According to TODAY, the incident took place last Friday (17 Nov) at around 10.15pm.

Instagram page @sgfollowsall initially uploaded one of the videos which was later reuploaded by a separate Instagram page.

In the clip, the victim, a 15-year-old girl wearing a black sleeveless top, attempted to flee down the road with another girl.

Source: @teckwhyelanepaikia on Instagram

Her attackers chased her down and cornered her after a cut in the video. A large group of what looked like fellow teenagers also surrounded them, recording from all angles with cameras.

“4 v 1 eh,” one of the spectators audibly remarked.

Girls strike victim & yank her hair

As one of the girls berated the girl in black, several boys in the crowd yelled and encouraged violence.

Source: @teckwhyelanepaikia on Instagram

“Faster, whack!” someone shouted. “Don’t wait already, whack!”

The girls discussed things with each other amidst the chorus of voices telling them to start fighting.

Eventually, one of the girls grabbed ahold of their victim’s hair and violently yanked at her, while another rained a few blows onto her head.

Source: @teckwhyelanepaikia on Instagram

The brief assault left the victim squatting with her hands over her head in pain and not fighting back.

Source: @teckwhyelanepaikia on Instagram

“Let’s go!” one of the boys in the crowd cheered at the sight.

Another angle showed the strikes the victim suffered more clearly.

Source: @teckwhyelanepaikia on Instagram

“Whack, whack, whack!” the crowd continued to call for her blood even as she was unable to fight back.

Crowd cheers fighting girls on

The video then cut to another location, this time by a black fence. Whether this took place before or after the dispute seen above is unclear.

As the girls scolded their victim, a spectator yelled out “boring already!” and others egged them on.

The attackers then began slapping their target, who raised her hands in an attempt to block the blows.

Source: @teckwhyelanepaikia on Instagram

This drew much cheer and celebration from the crowd, some of whom clambered onto the fence for a better view of the ‘spectacle’.

Source: @teckwhyelanepaikia on Instagram

Despite the one-sided beatdown, nobody attempted to step in to help.

Source: @teckwhyelanepaikia on Instagram

Girls surround & kick their target

The second video, uploaded on Facebook page Tiagong, showed what appeared to be a continuation of the dispute at the fence.

One of the attackers in black-and-white yanked the victim down to the ground while cussing at her loudly.

Source: Tiagong on Facebook

Thereafter, another girl in white kicked her repeatedly while she was down.

Source: Tiagong on Facebook

The four girls then surrounded their victim and yanked her around, with one shoving her violently to the ground.

Source: Tiagong on Facebook

This time, the crowd seemed less hungry for violence. “Don’t push,” one observer said.

One of the girls seemed more upset that a nail extension fell off during the struggle.

When their victim tried to leave, they seized her by the neck or arm to stop her.

Source: Tiagong on Facebook

Finally, she called an unknown person on the phone while the crowd followed her and the video ended.

Police investigating the case

A TikTok video later surfaced, showing a “post-game interview” of two of the girls involved. The video has since been deleted.

One of the girls allegedly put out an apology to the victim. They said they “deserve all the hate” and asked for “a second chance to change and become a better person”.

Source: Telegram

Police said that the 15-year-old victim suffered minor injuries but refused conveyance to the hospital, reported 8world News.

Investigations are currently ongoing, with four teenage girls aged between 14 and 15 cooperating with the police.

Earlier this year, two students from Chung Cheng High School got into a fight at Northpoint City.

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Featured image adapted from @teckwhyelanepaikia on Instagram and Tiagong on Facebook.

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