Changi General Hospital Nurses Jump & Hoot With Joy As Covid-19 Patient Discharged

Nurses play a major role in caring for patients directly, often forming deep bonds with them as they watch them recover from their ailments.

They’re as invested in their patients’ journeys as their patients themselves, sharing the highs and lows together.

A TikTok video of nurses from Changi General Hospital (CGH) celebrating the discharge of a Covid-19 patient encapsulated nurses’ concern for patients perfectly.

They cheered and jumped for joy as the patient was discharged from the ward.


Changi General Hospital nurses cheered for patient

The TikTok video showed the nurses clapping and whooping as a patient walked out of the ward, pulling his bag along.

The song Don’t Stop Believing, by rock band Journey, played in the background, but was mostly drowned out by the resounding cheers of the band of nurses.


Nurses jumped for joy

Two of the nurses even started jumping up and down as the patient walked out. Clearly, everyone was jubilant as the clapping and cheering continued throughout.


“Happy Nurses👏👏👏” and “Covid Free” were also captioned in the video.

Patient smiles seen through mask

The patient being discharged seemed just as happy about his discharge as the nurses.

He was wearing a mask, but it couldn’t hide the fact that a large smile was plastered on his face.

His eyes twinkled with glee as he nodded in thanks at the cameraman.


Well-deserved celebration

This short and sweet celebration was a well-deserved break for the nurses.

They got to see a patient they lovingly cared for go home safe, healthy, and most importantly, Covid-19 free.

We sincerely commend the work they – and all other nurses and hospital staff – have done for Singapore.

Their efforts are truly paying off, and we hope they have the strength to continue fighting against Covid-19.

Featured image adapted from Facebook